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Calling Cathy: CNN ntv-Germany reports: 62 Tornadoes plow a path of devastation from Texas up to North Carolina. Hardest series of destructive storms since 1984. Dozens killed. Can you confirm?

coincidentally 62 = 2x31 reversed 13
and 62 isn't even the right number, besides
well, what else would one expect from CNN & Affiliates?

GLP Jayoung opened a thread on this yesterday
Taken together, there have been an astounding 230 preliminary reports of tornadoes the past 3 days! Of course, the final tornado counts will change, as damage surveys are conducted and redundant reports consolidated. That said, an average of 163 tornadoes occur in the U.S. during the entire month of April!

speculations might arise:
maybe ... hidden weather warfare? payback for attack on Libya? for 311 tsunami? for TEPCO-ICTS-Stuxnet disaster? retaliation for other aggressive manipulations or is it illu-inflicted harm aka haarp? or simply mere coincidence as with CNN's persistent 'special numbering'? or just abnormal weather? or karma?

This evening CNN-ntv will air a 'scientific documentation' how these most evil freedom-hating arabs from hell hijacked those US 'American Airlines' jets with boxcutters and steered them in most skilful twists into the WTC towers.

Any good advice for me? Should I sit and see?

After 2 weeks of successful aftercare since wake-up from hibernation (2nd April) my hedgie this afternoon escaped in full sunlight from his iron leisure box in the garden. He pretended to sleep but then, when nobody watched, he squeezed himself thru a slit of 1.7 inches = 4 cm and disappeared.

Will see if he returns to his 'Villa Hedgie' the coming night when temperatures again fall close to freezing as the nights before.

Food and water in place, door open.
Any uplifting prophesy?

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