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The Next Gaza War Will Be a Coordinated Attack

The Next Gaza War Will Be a Coordinated Attack

There should be no doubt that the next Gaza war won't resemble the 2008-2009 war, and it could start at any time...

April 15, 2011

On Thursday, April 7, an anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip by a Hamas terrorist slammed into an Israeli school bus loaded with children and exploded.  No one was killed, but the message was clear: Israeli citizens, even little children, aren't safe anywhere.  Immediately following the attack, a barrage of mortar fire from Gaza hit near Israeli towns in the Negev.  Israel responded with helicopter gunships, and in short order Hamas announced that a ceasefire would go into effect Thursday evening.  Two days later, Hamas resumed firing rockets and mortar shells at Israel.  That's a ceasefire Hamas-style.

If you follow events in Israel closely, you recognize the routine.  First Hamas engages in indiscriminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.  Next Israel responds.  Then Hamas announces a unilateral ceasefire.  Soon thereafter, the attacks resume, and Israel responds.  Eventually, a full-scale war breaks out.  It's as predictable as clockwork.  That's how the Gaza War of 2008-2009 began, and that's how the next Gaza war will start -- only the next Gaza war will be markedly different...



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