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Since MONEY is always the bottom line & the U.S. is controlled by the NWO...

...and if the reports are true that the Japanese Yakuza own most of our West Coast Banks, including Wells Fargo, Wachovia, etc., I'm wondering if the destruction of Japan will free up all that Japanese money that may be propping up our Banks...?  And what about all those staged 'uprisings' in the Middle East?  Is THEIR money propping up our Banks in the U.S.?  We now know Gaddafi has a lot of money in our Banks -- now frozen.  The question that occurs to me is this:  Are we destroying & overthrowing foreign countries who have money in OUR Banks (propping them up) for the purpose of taking control (stealing) of THEIR money to keep our Banks propped up or to prevent a foreign run on them?  Even though the money itself is Dirty & Tainted (Drugs, White Slavery, Arms Sales, etc.), a lot of people are being killed & lives destroyed in other countries for Some Reason & OUR technology being used to do it.  Maybe this is one of the reasons?  Just wondering...

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Prophetic - or "meme engineering"? The Sinking Of Japan Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Since MONEY is always the bottom line & the U.S. is controlled by the NWO...
Interesting notion! *NM*
"I do not want this kind of LOVE"
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