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Quite the contradiction, don't you think? Fear is from the devil, while love is from God. The two do NOT go together. Fearmongers who claim that people should "run" away in fear and panic deserve no attention. Those who provide INFORMATION concerning actual and factual events that enlighten others as to how to prepare deserve our mind's eye.

The methods by which these propaganda pieces are presented are distorted beyond belief and its conclusions are speculative and beyond even scientific imagination. Is Japan falling into the ocean? A few sidewalks rising and falling provide a direct corelation to an island being swallowed up??? Are there not more important concerns such as 6 nuclear sites possibly about to explode and encompass the island in radiation? These are the current quite observable facts being ingored while "scaremongers" claim that Japan is about to be sunk by Godzilla himself. In my opinion, these fearmongers can embrace their father, lucifer.


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*ALERT* Japan Is Sinking! *ALERT* JAPAN - A runaway train - EVACUATE NOW JAPAN *LINK* *PIC*
Prophetic - or "meme engineering"? The Sinking Of Japan Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Since MONEY is always the bottom line & the U.S. is controlled by the NWO...
Interesting notion! *NM*
"I do not want this kind of LOVE"
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