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*ALERT* Japan Is Sinking! *ALERT* JAPAN - A runaway train - EVACUATE NOW JAPAN *LINK* *PIC*

April 12, 2011- This is just incredible! Japans stability has been compromised and there is evidence supporting the possibilty that Japan could eventually slide off the ocean shelf it is stting on and crash into the ocean! As seen on: gatewaytoheaven.ning.com

For more on this check out Hennings video here;


The 4end video clip is courtesy of Youtube user DRisin1965 please be sure and check out their channel here;



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*ALERT* Japan Is Sinking! *ALERT* JAPAN - A runaway train - EVACUATE NOW JAPAN *LINK* *PIC*
Prophetic - or "meme engineering"? The Sinking Of Japan Trailer *LINK* *PIC*
Since MONEY is always the bottom line & the U.S. is controlled by the NWO...
Interesting notion! *NM*
"I do not want this kind of LOVE"
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