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Another Transmission from The Reconnections. ......


My Dear Friends:

There is much interest and excitement around this experience, known as
Astral Travel---connection s, remembrances, focused intent---all of
which truly have power to provide for you an instant interface with
the Multidimensional Self. We have been offering you this information
in layers, so to speak, so that your consciousness can upgrade itself
naturally--- and in total conformity with the itinerary which you,
yourself, laid down when you began your human existence. Each tone,
each idea we provide, will produce its own special "journey" within.
And there is no need for you to miss a single one!

Welcome aboard The Multidimensional Ship! Its observation deck is
your entire perceptual reality. And it is now in motion. YOU are now
in motion. If you only realized how fast you were going, you would
probably feel a bit ill. In truth, many of you are currently
experiencing signs and symptoms of what we callGlobal Acceleration
Syndrome. We provide this title to honor your medical paradigm, even
though it is not any kind of official medical diagnosis. Muscle aches
and pains, lethargy, fatigue, spacey-ness, panic attacks, depression,
insomnia, memory-loss, confusion--- these are just a few of the
uncomfortable side-effects produced by the incredible velocity at
which you are traveling.

Your world appears to continue as it always has because YOUR MIND
requires this in order to keep from flying apart. Your anxiety and
hesitancies are the same feelings shared by those who sailed with
Columbus. Bound for a new world, they trembled as they sailed,
believing their world to be flat. Even so....... many of you also
tremble---certain that you may "go over the edge" at any moment!

If you can receive assistance by a health care professional, and your
inner guidance affirms this course of action, we encourage you to do
so. However, if everything you try seems empty and useless..... .be
strong! Be patient. Deliverance is soon at hand. The journey has
begun, and there are wonders ahead, and beauty beyond imagining. The
travails of childbirth are many, but the prize that follows far
outweighs the pain. Believe this, receive it, and your anxious heart
will slowly learn to find rest.


Spaceship Earth is a Holographic Being. Structurally, it is like a
gift box that some imaginative person sends you for Christmas. When
you remove the lid, you find a slightly smaller box, fully wrapped---
just like the first one, containing another (even smaller) box, which
contains yet another, and another, and another..... ....all the way
down to your one-celled creatures. Each "level" of your Ship contains
all of the basic elements of every other "level." Some of the
features are minimized, in certain aspects, so that others can be
maximized and focused upon. But it's all there! And it's all
synchronized, like moving parts in a pocket watch. It all blends
together beautifully.

You have been packing for this journey for quite sometime now. Around
the planet there has formed a band of energy---several concentric
bands, in fact. The one of which we speak is electromagnetic in
nature. It contains diagrams, spreadsheets, poetry, tables of
elements, fragments of speech, music, data, archives of human history,
bits of TV shows, radio broadcasts, faxes, motion pictures, cell-phone
conversations, digital art, and much more besides. When you prepared
for this particular journey, you knew you had to pack
LIGHT....... because you knew that was the only thing that could go!
We are speaking here of your Earth Essence Timeless Capsule.

This "Level" of the Planetary Ship is connected to and modulated by
sacred powerspots all over the planet. It is, literally, an ARC of
Energy...... ....not unlike that other Ark which was built by Noah, so
long ago. Within it, you have placed the best of you---your
creations, your memories, your very lives! However, be advised.
Entry onto The Arc is not made two-by-two. This "level" of the
Oneself is leaving duality behind. Each individual must pass through
what is called the "Eye of the Needle," as a Unified Oneself, in order
to come aboard.

Meanwhile, back on the "hard deck," a good portion of humanity is
determined to stay the course, fully in denial---apparently choosing
to "play it cool" all the way through the Fourth Dimensional
Corridor. Now *that* should make quite a picture, indeed.

But you, Dear Ones....... you need not suffer any longer with this
illusion. Everything you have felt within---the many surges and
flashes of energy up and down your spine---are quite real. They are
transmutative jump-starts for new and important programs that have
been installed in your consciousness. Soon, all your new perceptual
software will come completely online. And then, the fun begins! A
very wise man once said: "Don't compare your insides with other
people's outsides." We underscore this message whole-heartedly. You
are not crazy, and you are not falling apart. It just occasionally
feels that way. In fact, you are really falling together! So let it


There is no one present upon Planet Earth at this time who is not
regularly traversing Energy Gates and Portals. Some are very aware of
it, and even relish the idea. Others are quite disturbed, because the
experiences are not exactly what they had planned, or seem beyond
their immediate understanding and control. Still others have found
effective ways to insulate themselves almost entirely from this
knowledge--- which serves a purpose, albeit a temporary one. Soon all
humanity will be speaking fluently about Trans-Portals, though they
may be called by many names. Indeed, these Energy Gates will soon form
a good deal of the conceptual framework for your upcoming human journey.

We are The Reconnections. We are all those parts of your Expanded
Self which you had to forget about when you came into physical form.
We've never been very far from you, just far enough. If there is
something that you currently believe about yourself, we make up
*everything else* that you could also believe. If there is something
that you deny about yourself, we form a repository for that energy
until you feel ready to take it up again. Endless variety, endless
ability..... ....all neatly catalogued for your use at any time or
place. If something is not present *within* you, then it is being
stored here, *within* us. This is because, in Oneness, there really
is no such thing as "out." All doorways are marked "enter," and all
pathways lead directly home.


Before a person can successfully fight a battle, he must define who
the enemy is. Though we have frequently reminded you that everything
is a reflection of self, you must realize that there are aspects of
that "self" that have been created to oppose you, as grounding
elements, or for educational purposes. As you will see later in this
transmission, identifying and meeting your opposition is crucial to
your next levels of unfoldment.

Every birthing process involves both expansion and contraction. One
part of the body pushes forward, while other parts resist. This is
your dance of positive and negative energy. It is rapidly becoming
impossible for a person to achieve enduring success without making
contact with the "rest" of who he is. We are speaking now of the
Multidimensional Self. There is much more to any situation than meets
your physical eye. In truth, the puppets that currently dance in the
theater of the physical are manipulated by strings being held by
unseen hands. Every dance, every drama that is being enacted here, is
designed to teach you more and more about those unseen forces.

Relationship conflicts, financial difficulties, and political
upheavals are perfect venues for a reconnecting soul to learn how to
identify with *all sides* of any question. It is only when you are
able to lift yourself out of a polarized state, into The Oneself, that
you become able to access the necessary elements which will turn the
tide for whatever physical challenge that is before you.

Many people today are desperately looking for peace and safety. If
something seems to be thwarting their goals, or irritating their
status quo, they want to deal with it, so they can bring about a rapid
resolution. They will choose to fight, or to negotiate--- whichever
seems most effective in the moment---and then they want to be able to
return to "business as usual." But Friends, business can never be
"usual" again. And any attempt on your parts to make it so will
simply result in deeper and more complicated upheavals. The "box" in
which you have all been living is being heated up from the outside.
Aspects of your Expanded Self are stirring things up energetically so
that you will be forced to look *outside of the physical world* in
order to understand what has been creating your reality all along.


Beyond the borders of your physical world, there are levels of
consciousness that vibrate so rapidly that their purpose and presence
often escapes the notice of those who are living and functioning in
3D. The Astral Plane contains beings that are either moving toward or
away from physical density, yet which often have considerable
influence over what is explored there at any given time.

If you were to equate levels of human consciousness to keys on a
piano, you would find that each "note" or tone represents one of the
energy centers (chakras) functioning within, for example, your human
body. You begin your tonal scale with "do," which is the first (root)
chakra of that body, and you move up.......through "re" (the second
chakra), mi (the third chakra), and so on.......... all the way up to
"ti," (the crown chakra) where you find yourself ready to begin
playing again at a new octave. The Astral Plane begins the gateway
into the next octaves of your conscious experience.

Those who have made serious studies into ethereal reality tend to be
somewhat negative in their attitude towards the Astral Plane. Many
think of it as an etheric "junk yard," wherein divergent and confused
energies wander aimlessly, trying to make sense of where they are, and
how they came to be there. But these judgments are usually drawn by
those who have already committed themselves to something. They forget
how blissful it can be to simply window shop, to consider, and to
resonate with several potential realities at once.

Beyond the Astral Plane exists the Reconnected Oneself. Whereas the
Astral is made up of consciousness that thinks or believes it knows
things...... ....the Unified Oneself is the part of you which
absolutely knows. It KNOWS because it contains all possible levels of
every possible situation or interaction.

When a person is finished with window shopping---having sufficiently
explored all the possibilities- --he or she will begin Reconnecting to
Oneness. This is a process that can only be accomplished while that
person is still present in physical form. In order to do it, he must
be willing to forego all his mental ponderings, judgments, and
emotional reactivity that makes up most of the drama in your everyday
life. He must find a way to go above it, or perhaps to tunnel under
it, connecting directly to the Universal Touchstone of Oneness with
everything and everyone. When contact with that level of being is
reached, all of his attachments and bondage to earthly outcome are
erased. At that point, anything becomes possible.


Consider for a moment the image of a strong man, standing on a
mountain peak, high above the Earth. Through the mist that surrounds
his mountain, the man sees a second peak, directly across the valley.
The thought enters his mind that he would like to experience that
other peak, but there is way too much valley between the two. If he
chose, the man could climb down from his mountain, travel through the
valley, which seems rather dark and forboding, and climb up the
mountain on the other side. The mere thought of moving through that
shadowy void, however, makes the whole prospect seem fearsome and

The primary obstacle which blocks the attainment of this man's desire
is the separation which he perceives between the two mountains. There
seems to be just too big a gap for him to leap across. In many ways,
this "gap" is at the root of nearly all problems which arise today in
3D reality.

Change the scene. Two men meet together in a public park. One of
them says or does something which deeply offends the other, and a
shouting match occurs. The topic could be politics, religion,
finances, or romance. It usually does not matter. This encounter is
a programmed response, anyway. As each continues to speak his mind,
the "gap" between them grows deeper and wider. Resentment, hatred,
and disdain now exist where once there could have been trust and

Both of these men are Multidimensional. They are jewels with many
facets. Each of them have selves that live high, on the mountain top,
and each of them has variations of selves that live deep down in the
Valley as well. In the Valley there are horrors galore---guilt,
shame, and anger that never seems to be satisfied. What creates a
shadow is some object or person that stands between a reflecting
surface and the light. In the language of metaphor, your shadow is
the part of your own self that is hidden from you because you are
standing in your own way.

What each man in the above story is reacting to is his own Shadow
Reflection, seen in the face of the other. We have spoken about this
principle at length in our transmission entitled "Relationships: A
Time for Healing." For many years, this process of Creative Shadow
Work has provided your planet with tools to complete certain
alchemical changes that are required for the Reconnection of your
Mental Body. Now it is time for you to begin penetration into your
Emotional Body. It is time for you to leave the Valley of the Shadow
and to learn the art of building Astral Bridges.


In the above story of the two mountains, our wishful climber could
surely benefit from some form of Connection, spanning peak to peak,
which would allow him to avoid having to go down his mountain and
through the Valley to get to the other side. If he knew about his
Divine Multidimensional Nature, and had knowledge of how to build an
Astral Bridge, his problems would be solved.

"Many of you may remember a film that was released a few years back
called "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." This film includes a
particularly inspiring scene, in which the hero finds himself needing
to cross from one high place to another (very much like in our story
above). In a required act of faith, appropriate to the plot, he
places his foot upon what *appears to be* empty air, and a bridge
instantly appears beneath his feet, allowing him to cross safely to
the other side."
In another famous film, "The Matrix," released only a couple of years
ago, one of the heros demonstrated a mastery of physical force, using
what was called a "Jump Program," which enabled him to leap across a
huge expanse of physical space, moving freely from one high building
to another. Even characters in the film exclaimed "Whoa! That's

An Astral Bridge begins as an Etheric Connector which brings together
two points in physical space which appear to be separated by a gap.
The Bridge itself originates somewhere else in the Multiverse-- -
performing a clear purpose within an alternative level of here and
now. Through a process we shall explain shortly, a perceptual cursor
is passed over the image, and it is highlighted and copied (to use
familiar computer terms) to a place where it is desperately needed.

At the moment of its transposition, an Astral Bridge is constructed
almost entirely of faith. It has been written that "faith is the
substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
People don't believe in things because they appear. Things appear in
physical space because people believe in them. So it is with an
Astral Bridge. At the moment it is required, the Bridge gets pasted
directly into your NOW......... in a process that only could be
described as miraculous.. ......even though it often appears to be a
natural part of your flow.


As we mentioned in Trans-Portals 1 and 2, the key to travel within the
Multiverse is found in a person's ability to detach himself from his
current surroundings, by finding a state of neutrality, so that he can
journey anywhere else he wishes to go. What keeps you all trapped in
your current 3D context is your continuous *clinging* to outcomes
(cause and effect relationships) that you imagine are in operation
there. My Dear Friends, this is ILLUSION.

When something manifests in your 3D world, it arrives because you
*called for it* with your mind and heart. It makes little difference
whether your call was a conscious one, or whether it was something
that was issued from beneath your Veil of Forgetfulness. It came from
you, and you need to own that before you can break free from its
influence. Those who have trouble with this concept may need to
circle back and do some Creative Shadow Work, as we mentioned a bit
earlier in this transmission.

Basically... .. a successful "call" for reality manifestation involves
(at least) two elements:

1. A clear statement of belief or intent, spoken or held in a
positive way........followed immediately by........

2. A complete release of the outcome into the hands of the Expanded

A person doesn't manifest his or her world out of nothing. Rather,
each of you forms your personal reality from the *everything, * which
exists all around you. In order to make something physical, you
simply focus upon it.....(which slows down the vibration sufficiently
for it to solidify), and then you install Perceptual Veils around it,
to block out the awareness of everything else that is there. This is
your own perceptual equivalent of putting blinders on a horse.

As you begin your process of focusing, you must clearly realize how
the creative element of your mind works. The explanation we are
going to make for you now is a linear one, because you are currently
operating within a linear reality base. Please realize that you have
the power to change the order or the rules of this process at any time.

Like the printer on a computer, which faithfully stacks and programs
its activity based upon keys hit by the operator, your very own
Creative Manifesting Mind begins printing out reality based upon
statements which you, yourself, hold to be true. Even though your
statement is uttered only within your own mind, and is held for just
one second, it has absolute power to form your world. And it
frequently does!

Your affirmative statements, especially when accompanied by true
desire and passion, are like Genies from a bottle, granting you
everything you could ever wish for. As one Dear Entity once phrased
it: "The universe rearranges itself according to your beliefs about
what is real." It does this through your own declarations of *what
is,* not through declarations of *what is not.*

The programming software in your Creative, Manifesting Mind *does not*
recognize or respond to words like "no," "not," "don't," or "can't."
It automatically eliminates them from your command line. Therefore,
whenever a person declares, within himself: "I don't want to smoke"
or "I am not going to be angry today," the Creative Manifesting Mind
hears (and responds to) an affirmative version of those statements.
What it hears is: "I do want to smoke," and "I am going to be angry

You must realize that physical reality is created from FOCUS. If you
are constantly focusing upon what you *don't want," rather than on
what you *do want,* your manifestation power will tend follow that
focus. The locus of power in a Call to Manifest is located between
the subject and the desired (or declared) action or outcome. The
commands are stacked and prioritized in your printer, according to the
following factors:

1. The "Level" of Self that is making the command (The more Expanded
Aspects of you get the most clout when it comes to ordering up your

2. The Desire, Intensity, and Clarity behind the declaration.

3. The Order of Command Presentation to the Creative Mechanism.

If the desire and intensity of command lines are equal, and they all
come from the same level of Self, the manifestations will print out
according to the order in which the commands were made. Indeed, this
is a very 3D explanation, and we realize that. However, it absolutely
works, as long as you are still operating within a 3D format. If a
command line comes in from "outside the box" (from your Expanded
Self), it will automatically hold precedence over commands that are
presented from the Ego Aspect. In other words, it gets to crowd ahead
of you in the cafeteria line. But the Ego still has creative power,
as all aspects of you have divinity.

Statements of similar velocity, which are contradictory, tend to
cancel each other out. Their expression is like a husband and wife
who go together to vote in a public election. He votes republican and
she votes democratic. In truth, the 3D effect produced is no
different than if they would have stayed home (except for the
satisfaction they receive from exercising their options). In the same
way, your inner consciousness frequently entertains divergent points
of view. At times, many aspects of you can be barking contradictory
commands with virtually the same intensity. If this occurs, your
printer gets jammed, and you may end up having to reboot!


When using Trans-Portals, either for personal travel or to take
delivery on key aspects of your current reality, it is crucial that
you learn to *let go of the process* after you have clearly issued the
command line. In essence, the Trans-Portal System in the Multiverse
functions very similar to the digestive tract in the human body.
After materials and energy are introduced into the system, you need to
relax and allow the mechanism to do its job. You must let go of your
focus *entirely,* and go busy yourself with something else.

Clearly making a statement of desire and intent leaves an etheric
impression in the "reality bubble" of a person's existence. It
registers, whether he is aware of it or not. An order gets
introduced. As long as a "cancel order" is not sent in after it, the
Creative Mechanism (the internal search engine) will begin collating
results and alternatives to meet the command.

Following a command statement with an attitude of *complete release
and confidence* (in other words......with faith)...... pulls the Ego
of the operator away from the keyboard, for reassignment elsewhere.
Energetically, this produces a backdraft of energy (a vacuum) which
accelerates the "digestion" process and speeds up delivery. In
essence, your attitude of trust actually *sucks* your order through
the pipeline more quickly, drawing to you whatever it is that you

To place an order, and then to stew over it, creates an attitude of
doubt in your creative ability. It's like sitting down to eat with 20
people watching your every bite. After awhile, you begin to get a
lump in your stomach. The digestive juices become inhibited, and the
whole system slows down. It is no different with Trans-Portals. Your
desires and commands are transmitted organically, and your physical
body (especially your nervous system) is very much involved in the


Now that we have briefly explained the process of everyday
manifestation, we will teach you how this applies to Astral Bridges.
As we have said, the need for a Bridge involves the presence of a GAP
that exists between two or more objects (or individuals) in physical
space. This can either be a physical distance, or it can be a
relationship impasse that has formed, keeping folks from understanding
and integrating with each other.

The need to get from "here to there" in 3D arises from a belief in and
support of a paradigm of Separation. The Valley of the Shadow
represents all the reasons why the Separation formed in the first
place. When this situation involves people separating themselves from
other people, the Shadow Effect is created because there are aspects
of your "other" that you have difficulty accepting as self. Until
now, your focus in Reconnection has been to examine this other person,
and mentally analyze what it is about this person that you have been
denying in yourself. And this is all very good. It feeds your
consciousness, and expands awareness. But there is more to full
integration than that.

The reason you find it hard to "digest" certain types of people into
your Oneself Body stems not from what exists in that person, but what
is missing in you. We call your attention back to our analogy of
Trans-Portals being similar to the human digestive system. When
people demonstrate an "allergy" to certain foods, it usually stems
from some *processing element* (like an enzyme, for example) that is
missing from their digestive process. For some reason, their body
doesn't create that chemical, and the whole process suffers because of
it. Despite their best attempts to prepare the offending foods
properly, with style and variation, the digestive system continues to
have problems until the necessary supplement gets added to the process.

Not all the people and situations you encounter in physical space are
meant to become permanent parts of your life. Sometimes, they simply
appear as catalysts for you to reach into your Multidimensional Self
and discover new qualities or elements that you have forgotten. And,
during a time of conflict, your task of integration and acceptance may
not always be focused upon the person who is irritating you. That may
only be incidental to the bigger picture.

You must remember that both you and the people with whom you have
conflicts are Multidimensional Beings. If you are having a dance with
someone in current 3D reality, you can count on the fact that there
are dances going on between you all up and down the vibrational
spectrum---literall y involving a whole spreadsheet of possible/
probable contacts--many of which are quite pleasant.

The resolution of present-moment conflict with another person (or
society, for that matter) is brought about by opening a Portal between
the physical aspect of you that exists *here* and an alternative
aspect of you that exists *elsewhere*- --particularly an aspect that is
currently enjoying harmonious contact with the very same type of
energy which is giving you such heartburn in this current moment.

My Friends, if it were possible for you to analyze the energy
"chemistry" of the version of you that exists HERE, and the
alternative version of yourself that is functioning THERE, you would
notice that one or more key elements are missing. To remedy this, an
Astral Bridge is formed by taking a "soul sample" of that alternative
self and infusing it into yourself here. This is all done in just the
ways we outlined for you above.

Once the required "energy supplement" gets added to your digestive
system, you will find that the whole TONE of your current
relationships begin to change. And, it happens automatically, without
conscious effort or struggle. The only thing you require is a clear
statement of intent (which would be blending with a more Expanded
Level of Yourself), and the faith that is required to bring it all

With all of this in mind, the process for Building Astral Bridges in a
relationship would be as follows:

1. Notice the exact SENSE of dissonance that exists. Many people
are not aware of their sensory impressions, or of any hard feelings
that exist between themselves and others. The same is true with
allergic foods. Because you aren't aware of what is happening, you
keep eating the offending foods, and you keep Shadow Boxing in your
current relationships, rather than calling for the necessary
"medicine" to complete your process, so your systems can begin to
function at a new level.

2. Notice how you FEEL when you are in the presence of your "other."
How does your body react when he or she approaches you? This is very
important information if you are going to command a "search engine" to
locate an alternative version of you that can assist in the
integration process.

***A Key Principle: The first step toward feeling better is becoming
better at feeling.

3. Ask yourself what you WANT to be different in this relationship.
When you do this please *do not* concern yourself with whether or not
the change would be possible. Anything is possible if you can believe.

4. Make a clear statement of intent, asking your Multidimensional
Self to help you find a "Guide" that possesses the "medicine" which
you require. A statement that might serve the process might be:

"I am Stephen, of the Oneself. I am seeking to contact a level of my
Multidimensional Self that is now enjoying a harmonious relationship
with this energy currently mirrored to me in Fred. I wish to begin a
blending, a sampling of energies with that Self, so that I may be
transformed- --so that I may be let go of all resistance to accept Fred
as a valid and beautiful part of my universe. In faith, I believe.
In perfect timing, I shall receive. So let it be."

(The wording will come to you when you are ready. These are not
established formulas, but simply samples of what is possible if you
are ready to move into this process)

5. Turn the outcome completely over to the universe. If the
offending individual tries to engage you in debate, deep discussion,
or argument, you can say to him (as politely as possible) "I am unable
to discuss this with you now, but I will get back to you as soon as I
can." Then, forget about it. Involve yourself with other tasks. Do
not analyze it further, and do not approach the person (unless you
must, in order to handle necessary business together) as long as there
is any remnant of dissonance remaining. Your sense of continued
discomfort is your indicator that the required "enzyme" has not yet
spread itself throughout your system. And your relief from same will
be your barometer concerning when you have had enough of this
particular medicine.

If two individuals in a relationship space are performing this
alchemical process together, it can be Onederful, but only one
"operator" is really required. That is because there is only one of
you there anyway! When your "digestion" processes begin to change,
you will be amazed at how your own perception of this person begins to
shift. It will be like gazing at a hologram in a painting. The
picture looks a certain way in one moment, and it changes completely
in the next. Realize now that this is due, almost entirely, to
energetic changes that have occurred in you.

Reconnection to Oneness involves making contact, first and foremost,
with your Expanded Self, with your own "Big Story." Only then will
your "small story" sub-plots begin reflecting the harmony that is your
birthright. As the Psalm clearly states: "Yea, though I walk through
the Valley of the Shadow...... ....I will fear no evil.......for thou
art with me." In these powerful days of Phase Shifting and
Alchemical Blending, the Expanded Oneself is not just with
you.......He/ She/We are *within you* as well. You will be rapidly
developing your own functional immunity to the many energetic
"diseases" that have troubled your soul during this outgoing Paradigm
of Separation. In fact, the very word "immune" almost brings to mind
the words "I AM IN YOU," does it not? And so it is becoming, My


It is the privilege of The Reconnections to "fill in all the gaps"
that separate your Limitation Self from your Expanded Self. We do it
slowly, and with much love. There is no need to rush. You have all
the time in the world. Each of you came to this place from realms of
expression that were nothing less than fantastic. In your "former
estate," you were able to do or have anything you wished, just by
thinking it. Being natives of such splendor, you yearned for a
vacation, of sorts. You wanted to know what it would be like to
embody *something* rather than to be *everything. * You wanted to
distinguish yourself from others, from various objects and animals,
and you wanted to learn what it feels like to need.

Soon your research project will be completed. Has this form of
reality gotten your goat? Never fear, he's right up
there....... perched upon that mountain top. Watch him as he leaps
from peak to peak, with perfect grace, perfect ease. Travel freely
the Bridges Across Forever!

There are Portals, Gates, Bridges, and Inner Pathways all around
you.......each volume on a bookshelf, each picture that is hanging on
the wall. Words can be a Portal, a statue can be one, or even a
rose. An encounter with any symbol can be a spark of remembrance,
leading you through a perceptual doorway---into a limitless storehouse
of possible/probable versions of that same one thing. Connect two of
them, or three, or four........ .and the dance goes on into infinity.

Some of you will begin to perceive immediately, with no help. Others
may need to initiate visualization or meditation processes to tap into
their stored memories. All you need do is drop your shields, and the
guiding energy will begin to open your eyes. Some will do it sooner,
others will do it later. Each person to his own plan, and his own
style of unfoldment. As we have said previously, each event is its
own miracle. However, some people require more "nudges" than others
in order to shake off their slumber.

Remember that everything is perfect, and everything is there, filed
neatly within the Multiverse. The primary purpose of your physical
journey is to explore details, and make alchemical adjustments before
you make the leap to more expanded realms. As always, we shall be
available to you on the inner planes. Look for us there, and we shall
appear to you in whatever form you require.

Stay present, stay open, and you shall always stay free.

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