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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 14, 2011

Vatic Note:   Thank you to those who responded.  It really does help a great deal.   Here is one more request.   Should you not get a summary from me at anytime,   then please email me separately and tell me so that I can check and see if others on that list got theirs as well.  I am doing this because I do not want them to succeed in intimidating us into stopping the sharing of information.   It's currently our greatest weapon before we have to consider weapons of last resort.   JUST TO LET YOU KNOW,  WE HAVE STUMBLED ON A FALSE FLAG THAT WAS DONE TO JUSTIFY THE TAKING OF OUR WEAPONS.  IT APPEARS THE GIBBONS SHOOTING WAS DONE BY ACTORS AND IT EXPLAINS HER MIRACULOUS RECOVERY, EVEN THE TWO DOCTORS INTERVIEWED BOTH ON SITE AND IN THE HOSPITAL, WERE IN FACT BOTH ACTORS AND NEITHER ONE WERE DOCTORS.  Once I complete the investigation into this, I will publish it, but keep it in mind when you start hearing that is the excuse for gun confiscation. 

The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 14, 2011

  Post:                             OMG JAPAN IS SINKING!! (or growing upward)

Vatic Note: (See Second Video and it shows this was filmed on March 11, and uploaded originally back then by a different uploader, it makes a difference since we have not heard anything since about this, but should keep an eye open for more information).    In the beginning of this I accepted what the title said, but as I watched it, it became "less clear" that is what is happening. First of all this is dated March 11, 2011 based on the second video upload of the same video, which is "3/11/11" hmmmm. The most occult master numbers so far...... 3, and two 11's. So its when the earthquake first happened. We have no update that is current, and so far, no one has provided any update that I could see. What appears to be happening is a "Rising" of the island. If you watch what happens with the islands in Hawaii, this is exactly how they grow. I was in Hawaii when the big Island had just such an event and it began underwater and pushed mud and every thing upwards and broke through the surface and simultaneously had volcano eruptions, just like we reported that Japan had after the big earth quake. Generally if something is sinking, it will show sink holes and drops in crust or surface structure, not rising. But again, I am not an expert in geology, so maybe someone watching this who is, can give us some insight. It just seems counterintuitive to have something shoving up being said to be "sinking". Check out the videos yourself and see what you think. TAKE A LOOK AT THE SKY OFF TO THE LEFT AT THE 1:20 MARK ON THE FIRST VIDEO. THAT IS NOT A NORMAL CLOUD compared to the rest of the sky. Thanks.      ---  Click above link to read more if the link does not work, then click on title..  

II. Post:                                 Rense & Icke - Pike's Satanic 3rd World War

Vatic Note:  
What this shows us is that EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET, NONE OF US SHOULD AGREE TO FIGHT ANY OTHER NATION NO MATTER WHAT.   That forces the ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST cabal to commit acts of war crimes and thus show themselves as the criminals they are.   If all the people refuse to fight for them, RATHER "WE" FIGHT "THEM" PER SE in every single nation, then that is the only world war that should be fought.  Now this is the first time in a while that Rense has up front addresses the Rothschild Zionist cabal doing all this. David Icke does what he does best which is analyzes the truth and builds the big picture with respect to Jewish vs Zionism, Rothschild.... I was surprised that Rense did not know where it came from that the protocols were a fraud. Even I know that. Now we know they are not and as we move toward Pikes 1871 write up on the "third World War" unfolding EXACTLY AS HE PREDICTED IT WOULD HAPPEN, WE NOW KNOW IT WAS IN REALITY A BLUE PRINT THAT THE ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST CABAL HAS BEEN FOLLOWING, ALONG WITH ALL ROTHSCHILDS MINIONS such as SOROS and ZBIG BRESINSZKI. So anything they come up with is always going to be in concert with the NWO Rothschild zionist agenda. Keep that in mind as we watch this great interview of David Icke.  If there is a WW, then we go right away after Soros and Zbig. Make it impossible for them to go anywhere on this planet SAFELY(watch and listen to video)
     Click on link or Title for more

III.  Post:                                                        The Real Housewives of Wall Street


Readers Supported news commentary :  Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs? (VN:  "pigs at the trough" bankers of Rothschild)

 America has two national budgets, one official, one unofficial. The official budget is public record and hotly debated: Money comes in as taxes and goes out as jet fighters, DEA agents, wheat subsidies and Medicare, plus pensions and bennies for that great untamed socialist menace called a unionized public-sector workforce that Republicans are always complaining about. According to popular legend, we're broke and in so much debt that 40 years from now our granddaughters will still be hooking on weekends to pay the medical bills of this year's retirees from the IRS, the SEC and the Department of Energy.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Most Americans know about that budget. What they don't know is that there is another budget of roughly equal heft, traditionally maintained in complete secrecy. After the financial crash of 2008, it grew to monstrous dimensions, as the government attempted to unfreeze the credit markets by handing out trillions to banks and hedge funds. And thanks to a whole galaxy of obscure, acronym-laden bailout programs, it eventually rivaled the "official" budget in size — a huge roaring river of cash flowing out of the Federal Reserve to destinations neither chosen by the president nor reviewed by Congress, but instead handed out by fiat by unelected Fed officials using a seemingly nonsensical and apparently unknowable methodology.  Click on Link Above to read more  

IV.   Post:                                WE DON'T NEED NO THOUGHT CONTROL!

Vatic Note:    THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO.   ITS WHAT I FOUND WHEN I TUTORED.   This is up to remind us of how we would normally act if given the freedom to do so.  Its amazing to watch and see what great magnificient creatures we are.    Look at the curiosity, the creativity, the joy de vivre of these "children" before they ever come close to being adults.   If we exposed more of our children  to that type of environment,  well, then, the sky is the limit for what we can do as humans when we grew up.  That is the primary reason this is up, to remind us of who we are and what unlimited potential we can have if we become who we are.  Every town in America should force the school to have just such a program for our preschoolers and first graders.   You will probably agree with me once you watch this video.    Learning then becomes an "ADVENTURE AND A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY" , rather than a ROBOTIC SHELL OF HIS/HER POTENTIAL SELF AND EITHER DRUGGED OR INTIMIDATED INTO BEING PART OF THE HERD..

Having lived in Seattle for 14 years, I can tell you that if you do not learn to play in the rain then you will never be outdoors because it rains there all the time. I left because I needed sunshine. However, it was a beautiful place and I loved it. I just could not make it without sunshine, so now I live where I get dry weather, with reasonable rain, up in the rural mountains with rivers, trees, plant life, animals and even interesting bugs. lol.  Another reason I put this up is because our children need "clean dirt" to play in since it contains bacteria they need for good skin development and fighting disease and viruses.

I learned about that growing up from my parents. This was something at that time all parents knew and now that knowledge is lost to most Americans. Having done volunteer tutoring I also learned that the teaching requirements are strictly laid down and you cannot deviate from them as a full time teacher, but as a tutor, you can get back to teaching the way kids learn best which is hands on. Blackboards and interaction with the subject matter are important tools for "right brain" learning and teaching, which children must have during that stage of development.  (5 to 8 years old).

The system only wants left brain learning and teaching and so very bright kids are not learning as they should be and end up having to be tutored. Once you teach them how to interact with the subject matter, it changes everything. Having done that for just one quarter, my kids were back up to snuff on how to teach themselves and were doing much better and getting good grades. I totally agree with her very early program for those as young as they are. Its perfect learning for those kids. Right brain learning involves the whole body, not just the mind.   If you remember that we also have a heart brain and a gut brain, then you can understand why the entire body must be involved in the learning process.  Thats why we used to have field trips, labs for hands on experimentation, and other such involved processes in learning.  That is all gone now.  I was shocked at the major change in teaching and was informed by the teacher that they were totally controlled in how and what they could teach.      Click on link above to read the rest of Comment article. 

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE",John Lennon -   Listen to this song and you will understand why they had to kill John Lennon before they began this march down the fascist path.  This was a powerful song,  watch the video,  listen to the words and the power John had to convince people they were powerful.   We are, you know, we just don't see it (the evil ones spent a lot of money making sure we don't)  and that is why they killed those artists who could make us see it.   Now we have to see it for ourselves.  Listen, watch and enjoy.  

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