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Penis Dementia & Boobs'n Ass Glorification rampant nowadays? The essence of juicy civilisation? Men defining themselves via penis size need indeed only basic brain functions. Reptilian, that is! :D *PIC*



Size Matter Shatter

Need a mental or physical doctor to solve
a persistent prodigious prancer problem? :O

Perfect Penis

ding-dong ding-dong

I'd recommend circumciZed, the hidden phyZical proof of Zupreme choZenity for boobZ'n aZZ ladieZ in search of the 'hidden things' out there .. eerrr .... in there, eerrr down below, it is, where size matters - donkey style, hang like.

Bring it all up!

Welcome to the PE Gym Penis Enlargement Forum
When wild willy worries wiggling wantons.

Good Appetite: Beijing Penis Restaurant Lusty ladies love leery lunch!

Finally: Guide to Men's Health Issues Indeed!

For self-consumed with no other problems on earth,
besides own care for 'pussy is rael' and 'prodigious penis power'.


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