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"Psychopaths Unite For Israel" Do they? Yes, they do, obviously! :O *PIC*
In Response To: Palestine is Genocide *LINK* ()

Shadowy chutzpah provokes strong objection
when facts are obsessively hidden with shitloads.

Psychopaths United For Israel
According to both Greek and Hebrew translations, ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain’ refers to those who falsely profess to be doing God’s work or using God’s name for self-indulgent purposes. We witness this every Sunday when the televangelist preachers take to the airwaves to bilk their congregations out of their life savings. We also see this from well compensated celebrity Pastors who weekly pander pro-Israeli war propaganda on their gullible flocks.
Nobody does that better than John Hagee, Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Last Sunday, Hagee addressed the second annual ‘Christian’s United For Israel’ event that drew fellow psychopaths from all 50 states and 50 nations around the globe. Hagee spewed the same lies and hateful rhetoric that he’s been propagating for decades.
Hagee pulled out the same old tired line about the threat of a ‘nuclear holocaust’ from Iran and how President Ahmedinejad vowed to “wipe Israel off the map.” Both are debunked lies that are as ridiculous as Hagee himself. Iran is nowhere near having the capability to construct a nuclear weapon and President Ahmedinejad’s exact words were, “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”
People of Hagee’s ilk love politicians like Obama to kick around. Their need to feel persecuted is an essential ingredient to lend credence to their ‘end times’ scenario.
Obama is just the latest in a long string of perceived Presidential anti-Christs that they’ve been hawking for many a decade.
Aid to this battered region is long overdue.
Gaza is a giant prison, sealed off from the world like the island of Manhattan in John Carpenter’s Escape from New York. The difference is that the people who inhabit this place are not criminals; they are victims of a foreign occupation of terrorists who seek to starve them out of existence. That is why Israel seeks to deny them aid of any kind. The Palestinian people are expected to suffer under the thumb of a brutal warden as they watch their children die from a lack of adequate sanitation, basic medical services and food.

Any decent human being should be appalled by Israel’s callous disregard for human life. Denying people decent living conditions and food is the cruelest form of genocide known to man. Medical experts agree that death by starvation and dehydration is perhaps the most painful, tortuous, and agonizing way to die.

modified sentence

"Any decent human being should be appalled.
by Shadey's callous disregard for obvious facts"

(non-hidden public facts she pretends to love so much while her true and only love seems to be centered on herself and on public pig penis power praggers)



(peaze out and good bye)

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Palestine is Genocide *LINK*
"Psychopaths Unite For Israel" Do they? Yes, they do, obviously! :O *PIC*
Yeah, I know...Hitler & the Nazis were GOOD...and YOU should know... :O *NM*
at second look: What a sneaky headline! *NM*
Anything TRUE is Sneaky to YOU... :D *NM*
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