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REPORTS: Texas Ports Might Be Turned Over To The Chinese? *PIC*


Texas Ports Might Be Turned Over To The Chinese?

April 13, 2011

I wonder who hires these idiots to do these economic studies recommending our ports be outsourced to private operators, especially if they are owned by a foreign power called China.  I remember the outrage of our ports being turned over to a Dubai company.  At the same time there is no outrage about the Chinese coming in to run our ports.  I do not trust the Chinese and I keep speaking my mind to the Russian people.  They better throw out China before they metastasize themselves inside their infrastructure.  What we see happening to the US will happen to Russia if not stopped.  Never trust the Chinese.  The Chinese now run the Long Beach Navel Ship yard in California were cargo is never inspected and practices are questionable because of the threat to our national security China poses.

The city officials who oversee Port of Galveston operations are negotiating with the Carlyle Group and Hong Kong based company Hutchinson Port Holdings a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa owned by Chinese Billionaire Li Ka Shing who is part of the Chinese Military.  If negotiations go well, this International conglomerate will have a 75-year lease to operate inside the Port of Galveston.

Who gave them the authority to turn over a Port owned by the people of Galveston to a foreign company under the control of the Chinese government? 


Chinese Regime Eyes Texas Port Facilities


China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle
by Jerome R. Corsi



I couldn't figure out WHY the Chinese government would want to send in an invasion force because of certain events that seem to be on the horizon, such as a New Madrid earthquake, problems in the Gulf of Mexico, Yellowstone, the San Andreas faultline, etc.  Then it occurred to me that if they're blocking Internet information from the Chinese people, maybe one of the reasons is that they don't want their soldiers to find out what they may encounter here.  I mean, surely the Chinese government must be aware of these things.  Even if it's just to take the land, what would they be getting?  Poisoned air, poisoned water, land depleted of it's minerals for growing crops -- seems Crazy to me.  And with the Economy the way it is, I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of Business going on...

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