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Penney Peirce-Coast to Coast C2C Interview-A 1 of 12.mp4 *LINK*

Penney Peirce comes on the program to talk about Frequency, Intuition and Dreams. She is the author of Frequency, The Intuitive Way and Dream Dictionary for Dummies. Join us as we discuss her work and research into the Intuition Age, Frequency Change, Dream Interpretation, Speeding up of Time and more. Penney says We're leaving the Information Age and entering the Intuition Age. That means our perception is shifting and the rules of the way life functions are changing. It is only by becoming skillful with intuition and mastering the art of working with the "frequency principles" that govern energy and awareness, that you'll be truly successful in our lightning fast new world. Topics Discussed: The Gathering, Frequency, Time, Information Age, Past, Present, The Now, Cause and Effect, The Information Age, Truth, Survival, Beliefs, Separation, Collective, Will, Open source, Technology, ADD, Telepathy, Synchronicity, Motivation, Direct Writing, Quiet, Masculine Awareness, Feminine Awareness, Ultra Sensitivity, Disconnect, Perceiver, Mindfulness, Path of Inquiry, Future, Self Observation, the Event Wave, 2010, Inventions, Breakthroughs, The Void, UFOs, Angels and more. We have more coming up in Hour two for Members. We talk more about Dreams, dream interpretation, prophetic dreams and the different dream realms. We talk about Penneys own pre 9/11 dream and the process of Growth and Knowledge. We tie the Merlin Project together with Timewave Zero in terms of future predictions. We talk about change in 2010 and interpretations of 2012. How can we integrate with the new changes that are taking place and how will this enable us to heal both physically and mentally. We talk about Miracles, Synchronicity and how to find and get familiar with your home frequency, appreciate the moment and how to read Truth & Anxiety signals. We round things up talking about how discoveries about our past possibly can lead to new understanding of the present and our future. How past and future will meet up. We talk about ancient civilizations, archeological discoveries and entities or beings that have been guiding our experience and different soul groups who have been doing certain kinds of jobs on this planet.



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