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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 13, 2011

Vatic Note:   Ok as most of you probably already know,  many blogs and websites are getting serious harassment and interference as the pigs at the trough get more desperate.  (Rumormills comes to mind the other day)  That is the case with us as well.    They are messing with the HTML's of the addys for my distribution list so I don't know if everyone is getting their daily summaries.   I hate asking again, but if you get a moment to just notify me that you got them, I can match it against my lists.  I tried fixing them several times and each time they would end up the same way.  Further, I am unsure I am getting my emails from everyone, so if you have sent me something to post or an update of the situation in your area and I have not responded, its likely I didn't get it.   Lets not quit,  but keep going.   Resend what you sent only do it through prophit0@ gmail.com.   OK??? Please help us with this so we can judge what it is we must do to stop it.   I may well have to get google involved in this or civil court.  Mossad is working overtime as they seem to be left holding the bag by the PTB.  THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRIED TO ASSASSINATE MERKLE.  I think that is what did it.   Now, they are desperately hanging on.   OK THEY ARE REALLY MESSING WITH ME GETTING THIS OUT....... I THINK ITS ALMOST TIME TO GO OUT INTO THE FIELD AND MOVE PAST THE COMPUTERS.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE - UNDERGROUND IT IS. 

The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - April 13, 2011

  Post:                                        Creating & Perpetuating Traitors

Article Excerpt:  ".........both political parties have been useless to ordinary people for the last fifty years; in fact they have been our worst enemies since the end of WWII'. This should be on flags all around our country. This is the absolute truth. And yet we let them keep stealing from us. Remember those famous words spoken by Rothschilds--"I care not who makes the laws, whoever controls the money controls the country"!!!”

From a reader this morning.

LBJ was the poster-boy for all our future and corrupted US presidents and was the first recognized Zionist to hold the Oval Office. He was formed down in Texas where a large number of the dead were responsible for getting him into public office, butt he was never able to be civilized. He was famous for his greeting to the public whenever he picked up a microphone “Mah Fallow Ammerrikans,” and his powers in congress were as crude as his language.

He had more than a hand in the assassination of JFK, and his connections to Israel actually predate his elevation to the presidency. That same influence (Zionist) was used in the 1967 war where LBJ allowed Israel to attack and attempt to sink an unarmed US ship: The USS Liberty."     ---  Click above link to read more.  

II. Post:                      U.S. Government Looting Social Security To Wage War
this line courtesy of "Mossad" cyber terrorists  http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/04/us-government-looting-social-security.html

Vatic Note:   Frankly, this can be a good thing. The tactic of the IMF and World Bank is to entice a nation to incur debt on terms the bankers know could never be met, thus allowing them to foreclose on the nations assets such as natural resources including water, oil, metals, minerals etc.... That is what they are planning on doing to us. Forcing us into default and then forclosing and confiscating all our nations natural resources, infrastructure etc that was already paid for by the taxpayers. Then they will charge us to use our roads, bridges etc. They will control our movements, require "papers please" to move from one state to another or travel from one state to another and make all kinds of requirements that are illegal under the constitution since the Constitution only applies to governments, not private corporations.

It was a slick way to get around the constitution and to do a back door way to communism where all land is owned by the state which is owned by the fascist bankers and corporations and thus protected against the people.  Well, if the government borrows from social security, which they have for far longer than we have been indebted to China, or the bankers,  then the social security trust fund is first in line for claims against these assets.  If they borrow a ton from it, we could well scoop up those assets before China, IMF or anyone else has an opportunity to do so. If that is the case, then we get to control all of it. We could then force all bankers, corporate CEO's to pay tolls in the thousands of dollars to use our assets..... then we could force them to carry papers on them to prove who they are and treat them the way they wanted to treat us.

I think this could be a way around them and the courts that say that corps are individuals and protected under the constitution, but again that is only from govenrment and we are a trust fund and not government. All it would take are a group of seniors suing in bancruptcy court to hold up any assignment of assets to creditors since we predate all other creditors since they have been borrowing from us a lot longer than they have from China, so we have priority over assets. ITS WORTH A TRY  and then we can impeach the judges if they rule improperly with respect to the law.    Click on link  for more

III.  Post:                                   Brotherhood of the Bell: Black Arts & Black Sciences


Vatic Note:   by William Dean Ross

The majority of people worldwide do not know what the terms Black Operations and Black Sciences mean or how they are used. Black Operations were developed after World War I; but, really flourished after World War II during the Cold War.

Congress allocated money to the Pentagon, the CIA and other Defense Department sectors to make the United States military as strong as possible, but certain projects became more secret than others did. The more secret projects were funded by the civilian sector at first - such as "pet peeve" defense contractors already in the loop.

As time went on, the "privy" developed into a real clique of not only specially screened corporations but also choice individuals found by federal talent hunts. A new sub-culture was born with a new personality and belief system - separate from mainstream Americans.

Cutting-edge technology such as stealth aircraft, invisible hovercraft, extremely low frequency mind control, weather control, and cloning became secret sciences. The new knowledge was and still is not available to the regular Army, to Congress, or to any University. The most secret of the secret was in the hands of a power-hungry few that tied itself to the World Bank for the future funding of its projects. They developed "think tanks" - like Stanford and Tavistock group - to keep the masses fooled about everything. 

The deception grew like a cancer into every area of industrialized society. They moved into everything from the Mafia to Harvard University to International Banking. They learned how to control the media and, thus, they controlled the television, Hollywood, every newspaper, every educational institution and every person's mind - at least to a certain point.        Click on Link Above to read more  


IV.   Post:                                       Adam Vs The Man: Episode 1

Vatic Note:   Remember,  he (an Iraq vet) was the speaker we featured on our People to People initiative above the blog near the home button.   He gave a speech at a massive rally for the Liberty initiative and Ron Paul at the time.    I was so impressed I put it up to show why we were doing the initiative.   Check it out when you get a chance.    Very interesting first show.  I liked it.  The first guest was a political philosopher and chose a unique way to show us what government really is and how its become so perverted and why.   Its worth the watch.  Then Adam moves on to prove what the first guest said.  He then covers first amendment free speech with his guest Ray McGovern,  and has a marine veteran on who is against the war in Afghanistan....   Its a pretty good show.  I suspect it will get even better as he grows with it.  I personally like adam Kokesh who has shown a lot of moxie and courage in the past in speaking truth to power which is always a risk.  Lets hope he sticks with his prinicples and integrity.    Click on link above to read the rest of Comment article. 

"POWER TO THE PEOPLE",John Lennon -   Listen to this song and you will understand why they had to kill John Lennon before they began this march down the fascist path.  This was a powerful song,  watch the video,  listen to the words and the power John had to convince people they were powerful.   We are, you know, we just don't see it (the evil ones spent a lot of money making sure we don't)  and that is why they killed those artists who could make us see it.   Now we have to see it for ourselves.  Listen, watch and enjoy.  

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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - April 13, 2011
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