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The Longinus Lance ("Spear of Destiny") That Pierced the Side of Christ Discovered *LINK*

The Longinus Lance That Pierced the Side of Christ Discovered

EUGENE, Ore. – The Holy Lance, known variously as the “Longinus lance” and the “Spear of Destiny” – that was alleged to have been the weapon that pierced the side of Christ at the Crucifixion – has been reportedly found and is now hidden at a former Nazi encampment in Antarctica, according to a new book and other investigations now available at the National Archives World War II collection...

The “Spear of Destiny” that was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Christ at the Crucifixion – that’s commemorated each “Good Friday” and “Holy Friday” in Christian and Orthodox churches this coming Friday, April 22 – has been found, states Sidney D. Kirkpatrick in his newly released book “Hitler’s Holy Relics: A True Story of Nazi Plunder and the Race to Recover the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire,” that’s available here at the University of Oregon library in Eugene and at other libraries and book shops worldwide. The book and other documents relating to the location of the Holy Lance were released this month with jaw-dropping reactions from various religious and historic experts who believed the lance that Adolf Hitler plundered during World War II was lost, but now thought to have been found.

Spear of Destiny may be in safe keeping at the Vatican, but the Pope won’t confirm...


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