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The OBAMA -- America's Chosen One -- has Chosen to "Pass Over" ISRAEL -- but That's OK 'cause there's always -- CHINA... :O *PIC*

Once again -- showing that Israel bows down to the U.S. -- NOT the other way around... AND... that America's loss may be China's gain...

Obama Choosing to “Pass Over” Israel

President Obama is plaguing Israel and placating its enemies for his own political gain.

Obama’s desire to out-do past presidents in achieving breakthroughs where his predecessors failed is a laudable goal except that, as with health care reform, Obama cares less about the consequences of his actions and more about his reputation as a “transformational” leader whose will justifies any way.

So strong is Obama’s desire to broker an historic formation of a Palestinian state that the president vilifies Israel over its plan to build 1,600 apartments in East Jerusalem—territory that Israel won in the 1967 Mideast war. In the Mexican-American War, ending in 1848, the United States won land that now comprises the states of California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as most of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Is President Obama willing to give that land back to the Mexicans?

And since when has sacrificing “land for peace” resulted in anything other than sacrifices for Israel?


IDF Trying to Boost China Ties Ahead of Iran Sanctions Vote

The Israel Defense Forces considers exchanges with China to be important in softening Beijing’s opposition to international sanctions against Iran – which is suspected of developing nuclear weapons.

Last week China announced for the first time that it would consider going along with sanctions against Iran, even though its final decision will be made following talks in the UN Security Council over the substance of the resolution that will be brought for a vote.

In conversations with Israelis in recent weeks, Chinese officers and officials have made it clear that they both oppose Iran’s drive to acquire nuclear arms, but also any military action to stop the Iranian program. The Chinese also said that they oppose targeting Iran’s nuclear program through sanctions.

The Chinese opposition to sanctions was presented as a point of principle and was justified by the historic experience of the Communist regime in China, which suffered in its early decades as a result of Western sanctions...

The U.S. concern then, as it is today, is that China will upgrade its military capabilities to operate far from home.

In recent years Israel has been careful to follow American guidelines and avoid exporting sensitive military equipment to China.

As a result of the cancellation of the deal, Israel was forced to pay China $350 million in compensation.



Confucius Say: Whatever American Schmuck POTUS say -- Get  Big Chinese OK...   Undecided

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