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Re: Do I smell some irony here? *PIC*
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jSell I was ask to be bait!

I have a zx5000, a 8000 series and a 98 still its the motherboard of windows
I have 2 macs
dancer the and various others log me due to my now teaching various things to yahoo and the net on how to tag
I am made into a search engine with the brightlightspathfinders name
and they wish to catch the hackers of the url http www what ever you wish to call it.

thanks for loving my food and water
I so love fruit!
I am like loving fruit loops also though CAPTAIN CRUNCH is still my fav
eating it until my roof of my mouth is raw.

dance with me
now thats a great song
flys with the butterest of butter

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Am I waking up AGAIN? Holy Crap Byteman..... check out this Video entitled "Demographic Problem" *LINK*
how simple you making it never hard
Do I smell some irony here?
Re: Do I smell some irony here? *PIC*
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