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Do I smell some irony here?

Cathy, my advice
throw away your supremacist Mac-Intosh
and start with real good hardware
that delivers real value
for example

the food in your fridge
and the water bottles

If you add the K to your overpriced elitist blackbox combuda
you end up with the real thing, for example a Mack Superliner!


Your BigMac Combuda got problems playing .wmv files?
No print screen function or grabber proggie for easy demonstration?

How can you do good Cook-ing with the wrong devices?

Mac? Why? What's the benefit?
Being part of the 'Mac Community'? And else?

Believe me, your problems have nothing to do with the Tetra-WebBBS software.

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Am I waking up AGAIN? Holy Crap Byteman..... check out this Video entitled "Demographic Problem" *LINK*
how simple you making it never hard
Do I smell some irony here?
Re: Do I smell some irony here? *PIC*
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