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Ram Don Acts of "Violins"? Ram Done? :D

your funny (intended?) headline
Ramdon [?] acts of "'violins"

tic TIC

Ram Done Violence ...
makes me ponder.

ram: an uncastrated adult male sheep

Back to the Fiddlers: Sounds familiar?

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale 2009 Eurovision Song Contest


According to the Russian TV station:
The City of Moscow paid 60 million dollars
for this show to come true, the biggest European Song Contest to date, more than 180 million people watched and listened live on TV, the hall in Moscow was filled with 20,000 visitors. What a spectacle!

Alexander Rybak's family emigrated from Russia to Norway.

Violent violin playing?

How about green grass country 'violense'?


ROBIN on viola da gamba solo (Lyra-Viol)


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A JOURNEY TO "DON LANDS" ... Have "Music" Will Travel :D .... But ... Where's the video camera guys?!! :( *PIC*
Ramdon Acts of "Violins" *LINK*
Ram Don Acts of "Violins"? Ram Done? :D
DDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAN Short Vowel for the O into an Pronounciation of an sssshhhh a *PIC*
asking the wordsmith - more to find :)
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