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Saturday's Guest on "A Fireside Chat..." Jessica (Schab) Mystic, Starseed/Crystal Child *PIC*

My guest tomorrow, on A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic, is a starseed/crystal child. I first saw her interviewed by Project Camelot, and was deeply moved by her story. Here is a link for those who may not have seen this yet:

Jessica Schab : A Crystal Child Speaks Out



To LISTEN to the one hour interview, LIVE and FREE, click on the link to my show, here:


Press on "CLICK TO LISTEN", or locate the PURPLE TAB in the UPPER LEFT CORNER, which reads: BBS STATION ONE "Live Talk Radio".

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TIME: 7:00 P.M. PST (California time!)

WHEN: SATURDAY, March 14, 2009 ====================================================================

About Jessica Mystic

I am a spiritual counselor and mentor. I have come to this planet, at this time, to help you in any way I can. We agreed to come here to experience duality but that is not our true reality, it was just conditioned into our mentality. We are here to create heaven on earth. Everyone is my student and teacher.

Metaphysics, quantum physics, time travel, mutiple dimension existance, extra terrestrials, teleportation, flying, enlightenment, magic, wonder, the great mysteries, why we are here and what we came here to do. This is my focus and my intent is in sharing how these things are indeed our birthright, who we are meant to be and why it is coming back. That is why I call myself a modern day fairy god mother.

I travel all over the world, looking for my fellow star family. When I find them, I let them know that they are not alone with how they think and see the world. I then help them to remember what and why they incarnated on the planet at this time. Then I hook them up, connect them with like-minds who have a similar mission as they do.

As as a Starseed on earth, we were planted here. We cannot go home but we can become home, because we are home. A piece of friut cannot go back on the branch it fell from but it can become a tree. Inside each of us is our memory of home, how peaceful it was. We are here to bring that way of living and being here

JESSICA'S WEBSITE, with Articles, Videos and more... HERE:


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