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heart *PIC*


no tripple slap


You hide behind your
tin heart,
but I can’t help mine;
undulating, wheezing
and pumping oil into
and out of my
chassis built from old
tobacco cans.

Yours just rattles
in your hollow chest.

When the mill closed,
down below the hill,
I settled my rusted hinges
on and off
and on
slowly drying up.
An arthritic distant dream
for perpetual
consciousness in a lifeless body
no longer able to chop wood
for the fire
to warm your
tin heart.



for him who hits the heart once more

I realize that aliens are here to learn hot to feel

learn compassion with a gentle nudge

then I will speak fluently in line for real

when my channeled work continues to be given a jerk

it tears my soul in to

I love to love and live to love  

deeper than the midnight blue

please see the meaning of my talk in jest that mawked with my thoughts on electronic paper shared

instant I run and run and run till soon I will be all done.


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ACLU: 'Communism is the Goal' (In the founder's own words) As usual, Congress KNEW... *PIC*
heart *PIC*
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