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so pleeze take care of your 'tongue-in-cheek' when the jaw snaps back :D *PIC*

I can tell ya this happens to me from time to time whilst sleeping and randomly dreaming true insights into the real world far beyond the horizon, my soul walking around, visiting remote places where I've never been physically. In the morning-after my tongue somewhat hurts, feels like bitten badly, then I know, I've been there, in Toronto, for example, or in Houston or Los Angeles, all those interesting places, some of them. Once I've even been on another planet, inhabited by humans, very friendly, calm, non-violant humans living under a light-orange sky with no shaped clouds only distant haze and warm dispersed sunlight.

Less comfortable was the close encounter with three men in black whilst dreaming. This was roundabout 25 years ago. It was the time when I re-read Richard K. Temple's Book "The Sirius Riddle" and compared it with Zecharia Sitchin's "The Twelfth Planet".


In my dream these three Men in Black (I've never heard of these guys before) stopped in front of the house in broad daylight. It was a big black-bluish limousine. I watched them from the first floor behind the curtain. Black suits, black hats, dark sunglasses and the middle-man held a dark-velvet cushion while they walked up to the front door. There was something secret on that cushion, silver and blue but not recognizable, something like a symbol for a coded message, I was not afraid of these guys, they had not come to intimidate me although I got the impression (still in my dream) that they delivered kind of a warning. The dream ended, these men suddenly disappeared out of sight.

Only years later I learnt about these ominous Men in Black and then I said to myself:

This was not a simple dream! It was a message for me. An affirmation, possibly a testimonial for myself and a hint combined with a warning that I've come close to the secret.

tongue in cheek

methinks these Men-in-Black have something to do with flying discs


Relevant infos about the MIB seem to have been cleansed from Youtube, only a few comprehensive documentations left, but not in English, must be a for a reason.


An acronym for Men in Black. The agents are humans, aliens, and/or robots [or cross-breds, D] Agents who work to cover up UFO and encounters when hard evidence has been obtained by a human. They may be working closely with certain human governments.

The scribble in the linkshows somebody very different from those fearmongering Hollywood secret service gangster figures. Indeed a very developped person with fine traits and big eyes.

Who's afraid of whom about MIB?

MIIB Typical Ridiculous Misleading Hollywood Crap
must be for a reason! LMAO!

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I watched all 7 parts... and my jaw is still dropping!!! *NM*
so pleeze take care of your 'tongue-in-cheek' when the jaw snaps back :D *PIC*
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