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very interesting, the comments also, thx4sharing ;) *PIC*

I see it as 'a counterbalance just-in-time' to the recent days' short-minded Glorification of US Military and US Imperial Warfare under the disguise of 'remember our honorable veterans'

Paid army volunteers sent abroad to destroy, kill, steal, rape and rob - are criminals. There is nothing heroic in this. They are paid killers no matter how they are called. Running around in foreign occupied countries as 'soldier' or 'mercenary' or 'freedom fighter' or 'war hero' - the label doesn't change the basic fact of cruel murderous aggression based on lies, greed and falsehoods.

Proud military parades, ceremonies to honor the alleged heroes, shiny whitewashing of cowardly crimes no man-to-man fight, mostly cowardly distant killing with machines and chemicals:

What a disgusting unfold of cruel hypocrites.
Real heroes would firstly honor the victims of their so-called collateral damage. Instead these well dressed laughable parading stooges and their tax fed families are whining only about the losses of their own rotten ilk.

Veterans, Heroes, Butchers and Villains
My Tears NOT - my ass!

Dancer's DrumSpirit
out of the bottle.
Pure incense.

War Heroes = Racketeers!
Refuse! Puke All Over!

Drummy :), nothing personal, it's for the military addicted audience, the secret forum agents, the undercover 4um slimers who pose as patriots.

the true everyday civil heroes are the real ones

by the way: Heroes and Villains
for distraction from the heavy rants in this post


Many religious ceremonies and spiritual purificatory rites employ incense.


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Canada Admits - Alien Technology Operated by the USA ..... Former Canadian Minister of Defense releases information that the USA is using Alien Technology. *NM* *LINK*
very interesting, the comments also, thx4sharing ;) *PIC*
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