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IMPORTANT - Safest places in North America! - Remote viewing warnings, Ed Dames, Dr Louis Turi, Linda Moulton Howe (Links provided)

I never go on speculation or remote viewing, (or "my guides told me so!") but .....
I have felt for a long time no where in Ontario is safe, because of the Great Lakes, which I find horribly scarey in size, and walking much of the central land here north of Toronto, although sacred in feel, it is also hollow. Yes hollow in spots. You can tell when you jump on the land it makes a hollow noise. Much of the precambrian shield has been grown over but you can still feel the ground crumble under your feet.  Strange sensation. Last year I took a journey back up north where I lived for 4 years, and the whole property that was hilly in 2003, is now flat. It just sunk over 7 years. Strange ......   (Below is an email I received today from someone in Manitoba)
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Date: 03-16-11 
Host: George Noory
Guests: Major Ed Dames, Dr. Louis Turi

Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed previous prediction of a major quake in Japan, & shared insights into coming quakes, solar 'Kill Shot,' & safe places to live.

'03 show with Art Bell, he predicted a massive earthquake would hit Japan & damage a nuclear reactor. (He was off on the yr, which he said would be late Spring '05.) He also shared this prediction with Japanese TV (video clip).

Dames & his team have remote viewed what he calls "next, mass human death-causing earthquake,"-- something akin to what we witnessed in Japan. Though he couldn't name a date, site of this will be the New Madrid Fault & Wabash Valley seismic zone (*see map below), & St. Louis, Missouri will be particularly hard hit with the most deaths, he declared, adding we might even see the Mississippi River change its course!

Solar 'Kill Shot,' which will cause collapse of Earth's magnetic field & lead to huge power outages, will begin in the next couple of mons, with dangerous activity from the sun continuing through late '12, he outlined.

*According to Dames, safest places in North America to deal with the disastrous upcoming earth changes include ..... Alberta, Saskatchewan, parts of Manitoba, parts of east Oregon, Arizona, parts of New Mexico, the southern portion of the Appalachian Mountains & an area west of the Great Lakes

* People without a Canadian passport will NOT be allowed into Canada!

* Anyplace West of the Rockies or East of Manitoba ... will not be completely safe.

Turi Predictions:

1st hr guest, seer Louis Turi talked about the crisis in Japan, & its connection to the astrological 'Tail of the Dragon.' He shared predictions for the rest of this mon: Mar 20-22nd is a "window of death," & Mar 28-30th will bring in even more shocking news, with the possibility of more tsunamis, quakes & volcanoes-- as bad as the disastrous events in Japan, he warned!

News guest, Linda Moulton Howe reported on radiation dangers from Japan during the 1st half-hr.


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IMPORTANT - Safest places in North America! - Remote viewing warnings, Ed Dames, Dr Louis Turi, Linda Moulton Howe (Links provided)
Assume, before the last shift, North Pole Ice Cap was HEAVY above Great Lakes / Hudson Bay region, South Pole in southern part of Indian Ocean. Explains MANY oddities. Didn't Edgar Cayce tell so? *NM*
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