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yes yes yes - so true "War is a Racket"

made up by


blood on their hands
holdup murder
their deeds

Mutual warfare to burn the opponents of either side therefore they say they go to war WITH the enemy where it should correctly be said AGAINST the enemy.

This the revelations of used language,
if you have a closer look to it.

How come that you picked up this issue right now? Foreboding or fear of things to come?

How will Canada be affected if the US-Dollar is fin(anci)ally crashed? Canada in the ratio people-to-resources is much richer than the USA, how come that the Canadian Dollar is almost always worth less than the US-Dollar?
How come that in this huge country most of the people live as tenants in apartments and not in their own houses? Former communistic state of Yugoslavia had one of highest rates of home-owners in Europe, more than 80 percent lived in their own property (no permanent debts to banksters). Was this one of the real reasons why the Yugoslavian Federation had to be destroyed?

Just my thoughts for you and the public.

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"War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler *LINK*
yes yes yes - so true "War is a Racket"
Because "they" are F'ng Liars
meanwhile I recalled ...
Re: "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler
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