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Re: According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?

Listed below are some of the things that resulted from the last Passage of the Planet of the Crossing, Nibiru, home planet of the Annunaki.

Moses led Israel out of captivity in Egypt.

Pharaoh Nugan's chariots flounder in the Red Sea and the army chasing Israel was drowned.

The Great Westward Migration began. It ended March 21, 1848, the date the Kosmon Era began.

The dispensation that allowed Israel to eat flesh began. It ended March 21, 1848.

Yes, that means mankind should be Vegan.

The last passage of the Planet of the Crossing was the beginning of the time Democracy would begin big time in Guatama.

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehova: Chapter XIX

And in Hidesville, in Guatama, on the earth, the angels opened the door in Jehovih's name, to be not closed again forever, forever! ...


A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors

by John Ballou Newbrough


Book of Es, Daughter of Jehova

Chapter XIX


1. ES said: Now, whilst the Holy Council were still sitting in Paradise, a light, like a star, came, and stood above the throne of God. And the Voice came out of the light, saying:

2. Behold, the false Gods are cast out, and sent unto their places.

3. Never more shall there be any other false God, or Lord, or Savior, to lead my people away.

4. I am sufficient unto Mine own creations.

5. Let this, therefore, be the beginning of the kosmon era.

6. My people have settled the whole earth around, from east to west; the lands on the western borders of Guatama have become inhabited.

7. Go, then, My God, My Son, open the gates of heaven unto mortals.

8. Let My angels meet them, and talk with them, face to face.

9. Behold, My etherean embassadress, Che'sivi'anathaotes, cometh in a sea of fire!

10. The ships of the etherean Goddess were seen descending from the higher heavens, coming as an open ring, to embrace the whole earth.

11. Again, the Voice spake out of the light, saying:

12. I know no distinctions of men, of races, or sects, or doctrines, or past revelations. All people are My people!

13. Open the gates of heaven; let my angels speak to mortals!

14. Swifter and swifter came the etherean archangels, till all the heavens of Paradise were encircled in the love of the Almighty.

15. Then, God called out the legions who had the matter in charge, where mortals had been born for the work of Jehovih's kingdom. And God said:

16. Open the gates of heaven; let the angels of heaven speak with mortals; the time of the Father's kingdom is at hand!

17. Open the gates of heaven! Let the angels come forth in power!

18. And in Hidesville, in Guatama, on the earth, the angels opened the door in Jehovih's name, to be not closed again forever, forever!

Chapter XX


1. ES said: In the olden times, and in the eastern countries, Jehovih began His revelations. The western continent He left for the finishing thereof.

2. Now, when God looked abroad over Guatama, he saw four millions of people in bondage, as slaves; and he saw that they must be liberated. And so, God inquired of the chief mathematician in the Holy Council, one Arak, saying: Who, of all the kings of earth, hath had the greatest number of slaves?

3. And Arak said: Xerxes, who dwelleth in Yope'gah, in atmospherea.

4. God said: Send thou a heavenly ship for him, and for a thousand million of his angels. And send also for the Argos'yan, Leonidas, and for a thousand million of his angels. And, when they are brought here, they shall descend to the earth, to these barbarians, and liberate their slaves.

5. Arak saluted, and departed, giving his instructions to the heavenly marshals, who at once sent ships and messengers as directed.

6. God, then, said: I will now recall the ashars, who hold guard over these mortals; and, for a season, they shall dwell in drujan darkness.

7. And this was accomplished, and straightway a war ensued betwixt the owners of the slaves and the neighboring states.

8. Then, came the Gods and angels, high in the grades, to witness the play of mortal death, and to determine how best to win to liberty and to Jehovih, the inhabitants of this great land.

9. God had said: It is an easy matter to win in war; but to make mortals see the triumph of righteousness, is not so easy. Therefore, be discreet in appropriating testimony unto Jehovih.

10. And, there rose up two million men in arms, pushing on in war on every side, coursing the rich soil in mortal blood. And yet, neither side had defined its principles, or taken stand for righteousness sake. But went on in fearful destruction, laying in death tens of thousands, and tens of thousands!

11. Jehovih said: Send thou, thy Parsi'e'an and Argos'yan angels, down to these mortals, and, by inspiration and by dreams and by visions, thy angels shall say to them: Whoso professeth the earth, shall battle in vain; but whoso professeth righteousness in My name, shall win. And millions of angels descended, and tried to persuade them.

12. But mortals would not hear. Even the chief general, on liberty's side, closed his soul against Jehovih. Aye, himself, enforced slavery with his mighty army.

13. And years went on, and all the people began to perceive that, without righteousness, there would be no end to the war.

p. 750

14. Jehovih had said: Only death can reach these people, or make them behold my hand. Yet, thou shalt send thy angel hosts over all the north regions and inspire them, to call out for liberty.

15. Then went forth Xerxes and Leonidas, with their two thousand million angels, to overspread the north, to inspire mortals to a more heavenly stand, to make them see justice and liberty.

16. And, for a hundred days, these angels dwelt with mortals; but many mortals were too gross in the earth to comprehend. Then, Xerxes came to New York, and took hence the guardian angels, those of holiness, and he left the city in the hand of drujas. And, at once, the city was plunged in hell, and the people were as a mad people, wild and fearful.

17. Again, Jehovih spake in the Holy Council in heaven, saying: Let My angels go once more, and inspire mortals to rise to the light of My will.

18. Again, the angels overrun the land, inspiring mortals day and night to demand freedom for the slaves. And the Embassadress of Jehovih said to her inspiring hosts of angels: Number ye the mortals, north and south, as to their majority voice for freedom.

19. Now, when the Gods numbered the mortals and graded them, they discovered the majority had turned to freedom's side.

20. Jehovih said to his Embassadress: Take thine own inspiring host, and go down to the earth, to Washington, to Lincoln, the president, and hold this matter up to him, that he may understand Me. For he is not bound in doctrines. For which reason My angels made him president, and for this purpose which I have in hand.

21. And it shall come to pass that Lincoln will hear thee, and he shall resolve in his own mind unto freedom for the slaves. But he will seek for some external sign, fearing he may have mistaken the angels that minister unto him. But I will provide a way for this end also.

22. And the angels of Jehovih went to Lincoln in a vision, like a dream, and they said unto him: Lincoln! Lincoln! And he answered and said: Who art thou?

23. And the angels said: Such as come in Jehovih's name for freedom's sake. Behold, millions of his angels look down from heaven, and would come to thy armies, if thou wouldst but proclaim freedom to the slaves. Jehovih's hand is in this matter.

24. Lincoln awoke, and was troubled with his dream.

25. The next night, the angels came again, and re-told their words, and added thereunto: The great majority of the country is ripe for this matter. Thou fearest this is but a foolish dream. Behold, we will give thee proof tomorrow.

26. Lincoln awoke more troubled than before, but remembered, the angels said: We will give thee proof to-morrow.

27. Jehovih said: I will make this matter a testimony to this nation, so that no man may gainsay it. And I will show also how My angels work singly and in mighty legions.

28. Now, at that time, there was living in Washington, a seeress, Nettie Mainard, through whom spirits spake in her entrancement. And on the day mentioned, the angels spake through her, saying to one Kase: Go thou, and fetch the president into the presence of this woman.

29. And Kase went to Lincoln, and told him what was said. And when Lincoln was before the seeress, the angel of Jehovih entranced her, and said unto him: We said, we would give thee proof to-morrow. Behold, we repeat unto thee, Jehovih is in this matter. Save, thou proclaimest the freedom of the slaves thou shalt not succeed. Do thou this, and the enemy's armies shall melt away like snow in the sun.

30. Lincoln's eyes were opened, and he went straight away, and proclaimed freedom to the whole four million slaves.

31. Xerxes said to Leonidas: Thou, great conquerer, thou shalt conquer me again. Take thy thousand million angels, and go with the armies of the north, and inspire them on to victory. Give them such strength and courage as they have not before manifested. And, as for myself and my hosts, we will go to the armies of the south, and we will inspire them to believe they are conquered, and so make them flee before thy soldiers.

32. Thus, these great angel warriors allotted themselves to the work. And, lo and behold, the northern armies ran forth over the enemy's country as if war were but play; and the southern armies vanished, disarming themselves, and returning to their homes.

33. The slaves were free!

34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the beginning of the kosmon era. There shall be no caste amongst my people.

35. Behold, I went to the Israelites, p. 751 and in that day, I said: Keep yourselves as a separate people! For I had work for them, which was to travel westward, and establish Me, the All One. And they came westward, and fulfilled My commandments. Wherefore I have blessed them.

36. And I went to Chine'ya, and I said: Let the followers of Chine keep themselves as an exclusive people; for I have a work for them; which was to establish Me, the All One, and to demonstrate the most numerous people in all the world united as one people, peacefully. And they have accomplished their work. And I blessed them. And I went to Vind'yu also, and established a mighty people with a multiplicity of Gods and languages. For I had a work for them to do, which was to preserve My revelations of some of the divisions in My heavens above; and to prove, in after-time, things which I had revealed to the ancients. They have accomplished their work also, and I have blessed them.

37. But, in this era, I come not to an exclusive people, but to the combination of all peoples commingled together as one people. Hence, I have called this, the KOSMON ERA.

38. Henceforth, my chosen shall be of the amalgamated races, who choose Me. And these shall become the best, most perfect of all peoples on the earth.

39. And they shall not consider race or color, but health and nobleness as to the mortal part; and as to spirit, peace, love, wisdom and good works, and one Great Spirit only.

40. Leonidas said to Xerxes: It will be revealed ere long that we have been here with our angel hosts. As a testimony of this, let us allot a number of our angels to remain a season with mortals. And they shall inspire them to athletic sports peculiar to the Argos'yans and Parsi'e'ans.

41. To this, Xerxes consented, and they asked for six hundred thousand angel volunteers; and they received them, and officered them, and distributed them in such way that their inspiration should develop mortals in health, strength and endurance, by means of athletic games.

42. And it came to pass that the angels of heaven established athletic games amongst this people, far and near. Jehovih said: Even in this shall man behold the Cause of causes which lieth behind all things done on the earth.

43. And man searched as to the Cause of these things, and tried to persuade himself of any cause but the true one!

44. Jehovih said: I will show these people, that the chief causes of great affairs amongst mortals come from the angels of My heavens.

45. I come in kosmon not to free only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man. I raised My hand against a God being founded in their constitution; neither will I have them to fight battles for Me. The past is past; angels and mortals shall be free!

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According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
Re: According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
Re: According to the 3600 years Nibiru Planet-X cycle the last pass-by (poleshift?) happened in ~ 1590 B.C - so what was the damage then? Great deluge? Atlantis flooded?
ONE thing I personally believe we can be sure of -- that in the appointed time, our Creator/God will set mankind FREE from our enslavement on this planet...
Say what, you say "ONE thing I [YOU] personally believe WE can be sure of"? WOW! YOU believe something and WE can be sure of ... of it to be correct, truthful, readworthy? Great EGO. Supreme?
Your Rant is for Nothing. It's just my *personal* opinion, nothing more, nothing less. You should Thank me. Without MY posts to Mock & Ridicule, YOU would have little else to say. :O *NM*
I don't even regret to have you 'turned in' here at TNT to get a better clear view of who are you. Yes, I've learnt some lessons pretty soon, thanks but no thanks for the shades of moon! :D *NM*
As a matter of fact, meanwhile I ignore most of your stanch believer confessions and copy+paste jobs, especially the series of forum dumpsters to move headlines downwards and out of sight on purpose.
You IGNORE my posts!??? HA!! You go through them with a fine-tooth comb just looking for a Zionist meaning behind every word... *PIC*
Greatly exaggerated! My time is too precious to waste it. Only casual spot checks. Mischievously refreshing with Oshonizer Aware Speak. :D *NM*
Will the US Pentagon use the coming World Trade Demolition to start a WAR ON HORROR?
The world may be ending, but if your saying magnetic north is out my back door somewhere in Wisconsin then damn it I'm there just to experience it *PIC*
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