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They play us like a Haarp...

I think we've been given all the "Disclosure" we're going to get from the governments worldwide.  "Official" Disclosure will come when the Freakoids show up in the skies in full force with all the accoustics of Blue Beam, Haarp and the Gwen towers frequencies, etc.  TPTB want and NEED the element of SURPRISE -- "Shock & Awe" I guess you could say.  When the human body and mind go into a state of SHOCK, that's when they can use their technology most effectively and successfully to brainwash & mind-control everyone.  It works sort of like the MK-Ultra Mind Control Program & their Monarch Program for little children -- Trauma-Based Mind Control.  Remember when JFK was assassinated, the whole country, especially the young people, were in a state of Shock and Immediately the LIES started pouring forth on TV & radio.  Then the Tavistock Institute invaded us with the BEATLES, the ROLLING STONES and all those Rock Music groups to capture the hearts & minds of the young people with their MUSIC and with DRUGS as they ESCALATED the War in VIETNAM.  TPTB who control the governments of this planet NEED for us to be taken by SURPRISE when ET shows up with their ONE WORLD MESSIAH, MAHDI, BUDDHA or WHOEVER it is they'll want us to bow down to and OBEY...All of this talk about "DISCLOSURE" I personally play around with -- tongue in cheek -- as a joke, because that seems to be what people are waiting for with baited breath while all of us are being played for fools.

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The desire for “Disclosure”...I just don’t understand it!
They play us like a Haarp...
you seem to be only one chord always resonating the same manic-depressive jewbilant tone :D *NM*
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