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The desire for “Disclosure”...I just don’t understand it!
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What makes people think it is necessary or relevant that world governments formally “disclose” that there is life in space and we are not alone?

Earth is in space...we, the animals, birds, microbes, viruses, etc. are on earth! Guess what? There is life in space!

Are these governments not the same ones that are leading life on earth to distinction via corruption of all areas/levels of life?

Are these governments not the same ones causing wars and what seems like endless suffering? I could go on and on but you have to get the point!

What need within people requires governments to OK the idea there is extraterrestrial life? Why do we need approval from governments who hold guns to our heads, steal our money, pollute our air, water and agriculture systems?

Are we so f*cking dumbed down that we don’t know who we are? I think that is the case.

We ARE the star people! We are made up of energy from space/the ethers/the nonseen. We are composed of the substance that everything is composed of, be it on planet or off planet. We are simply energy, fluctuating at frequencies that manifest our physical body. There is nothing that is not that dynamic...everything is varying frequency/vibration. Everything is connected!

I’m getting to the point of getting really grumpy with all this New Age mumbo jumbo! It’s like a distraction from focusing on who we really are and the power we have. The non interference rule/the so-called Prime Directive...what’s that really about? Say you have a cancer that you can get rid of...do you scratch it off/cut it out or let it live and youdie? My money is on the intelligent host that scratches the cancer off or cuts it out. Prime Directive my ass! The Sirian High Council has our back? Not likely! Millions of people have been killed in wars and made ill and all of us alive presently are in the sights of the depopulating the earth people...so...whatcha gonna do Sirian High Council? Is there a body count we haven’t yet reached, after which you guys decide to show up?

How about the real so-called Prime Directive being acknowledging the power of our consciousness and its ability to create anything imaginable instantly? After all, everything is energy and energy is either this or that, in the right now not later category, never destroyed, just transformed, as we understand things so far. So what Jesus is said to have done, “hey dead body, get your ass out of the coffin...you are healed!”...should be possible!

I’m thinking that is where our focus and energy should be...instant manifestation. When you think about it we do it all the time! If you’re thirsty you go get a drink. Hungry, you eat if there is food nearby. If you work, you manifest new ideas all the time. You go for a drive in the car and you manifest excellent eye hand co-ordination, heightened awareness of your immediate environment and safety each and every second. Are there reasons we stop manifesting at a certain point?

We are already the most excellent example of manifesting genius. We don’t need no stinking disclosure! You guys in the flying saucers, get your raggedy ass out of your saucers and tell us what we need to hear or don’t...and move on! We know you are there! Big deal! We understand your interest! This is a pretty cool planet and we know you love our DNA, right?

Ah hell...I’ve decided to challenge everything, the New Age stuff, MSM, things alternative, etc. A lot of it sounds wonderful, makes me feel hopeful, but...what if the info is designed to be that way. No matter what I think, hear, read or see, I am likely in the matrix, unaware of what is really happening.

From now on I am asking myself...in whose interest is it that I believe what I read, hear or see. And if I believe, where does that put me or leave me?

Hopefully you have better things to ponder than read about an old man who hasn’t figured out things yet. I never thought getting older would be like this, but then I never thought much about getting older. I still feel young and keep wondering then the old thing is going to show up. Hah! Hey, maybe that will be disclosed to me!

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Message from the Speakers
The desire for “Disclosure”...I just don’t understand it!
They play us like a Haarp...
you seem to be only one chord always resonating the same manic-depressive jewbilant tone :D *NM*
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