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Clif High: 2012 – Doom ain't What It Used to Be w/Radio Show Link
Clif has a new post on his website, Half Past Human.  It's titled "2012 - Doom ain't What it Used to Be".  I agree with Clif's opening line, that you must "validate either the facts, or the conclusions derived from them on your own".  I personally have not done sufficient research to offer any opinions, and am simply passing along information to investigate.   On the radio site, there is a 9 part interview with Patrick Geryl, and another(s) with Jay Weidner.  It appears that Carl Calleman may be subscribed, but I can't tell for certain.  Check it out if inclined...   Best, Zany Mystic.
Here is an excerpt of this long article, with a link to both the article AND "Time Monk Radio Network", here:

Preface about baldly bold statements.

This article is written for the cognoscenti...those in the know. There will be many statements that are made in this document that will require you to validate either the facts, or the conclusions derived from them on your own. Too many theories of too intricate or expansive (future joke here) a nature are involved for me to take time and space in this article to bring out all of their supporting details. So certain statements and observations will be made with no supporting material supplied as it is expected that motivated reader will explore the ideas in question on their own and reach conclusions that they find appropriate.

Still a Solar Cataclysm in 2012

In spite of the title, 2012 is still ALL about catastrophe, and cataclysm. To reach any other conclusion is to not be aware of manifesting circumstances. These include the many features of the planet that show scarring from past catastrophe as well as the amnesiac nature of our own species and the lack of any real history before 11,800 years ago. These facts include the earth, and all human history, all the “realstory” behind the 'history” that ThePowerElites want you to believe.

The facts pointing toward catastrophe, cataclysm, and extinctions here on earth over this next year and into 2012 are detailed now in hundreds of volumes; some of the best of these have been produced by Patrick Geryl and are available from his web site 'http://www.howtosurvive2012.com'.

Disagreements with some of Patrick Geryl's conclusions (And link to web bot FORUM)

Link to interview by webbotforum guys with Patrick



Patrick Geryl is space focused and correct about the conclusions that he presents on solar system activity. His understanding of earth is not as detailed, in my opinion, and it has led to some incorrect conclusions. First, much of his understanding of how a pole flip occurs, as well as how a crustal slip may occur, is dependent upon the idea of the center of the earth having a rotating mass of molten iron, that is creating the planet earth's magnetic field by virtue of its spin. Now note that Patrick Geryl's information about the magnetic field itself is correct. The earth's magnetic field, humanities shield, is failing, and has a period that is about 11,800 years between re-charges. But, in my opinion, the idea of a molten iron mass spinning in the middle of the earth is false. First, molten metals cannot hold a magnetic charge, nor can they create one, no matter how fast they may spin. Second, even if molten iron could hold a magnetized state, it would take a mass of iron approximately half again as big as the whole of the earth to generate the level of magnetic field we can measure now, let alone at its peak. Further, in order for such an iron core to lose its magnetic field, assuming it could generate one at all, would be logically in the process of slowing down in its rotation. The whole 'iron core' theory relies on thinking of the core of the earth as a dynamo. So in following with that, the only way that earth could have a weakening magnetic field would be if the 'iron core' were to be slowing down. IF THAT were the case, we would know about it. Further, what we laughingly refer to as 'mainstream science' has recently determined that the core of the earth is not only spinning faster than the crust, but has recently begun to accelerate its spin rate. So much for the iron core idea.

Further, if the earth did have an iron core at its center, then this core would cool over the billions

(Article continues at Source HERE:)


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