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RUSSIAN TELEVISION INTERVIEW - New video from Adrian Salbuchi (Argentina)

Second Republic Project

“An Idea Whose Time Has Come”

Stop Cooperating with the Global Power Elite!  RESISTANCE is the Key!!

We summon all free-thinking men and women the world over to come together to take out countries back.  

The Second Republic Project is a basic blueprint – a “Template”, if you like – on how we can work together to do this. 

We must build Critical Mass among public opinion in each country; then the scales will tip in our favour…

Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1st March 2011 - www.asalbuchi.com.ar  -  arsalbuchi@gmail.com   -  www.secondrepublicproject.com



Dear Friends,


Here’s (yet another interview) I did today with the English-language service of the “RT” (Russian Television Network), this time with their Washington DC Bureau. 

It would appear that both their Moscow and Washington Bureaus are consulting me regularly, as this is the ninth interview we do in two weeks (several of them were for their Spanish-language service). 

As long as they are so kind as to give me this opportunity, I will continue highlighting the fact that if we are to understand what is really happening in today’s turmoiled world – whether it be events in the Middle East/North Africa, the Global Financial Crisis, events in Latin America, etc. - we always need to look at the big picture and identify the powerful overlapping geopolitical processes that are at play, even though not all of them are immediately visible. 

The most powerful of these processes, in fact, operate at a global level rather than at merely national levels; i.e., decision-making is no longer in the hands of the governments of Egypt, Libya, Venezuela or Argentina, but not even in the hands of the countries of the European Union, the UK or the US itself…

I hope that this will help to promote growing awareness everywhere regarding the urgency of up-grading our focus and paradigms if we are to understand where the world is going.  This means abandoning many out-dated 20th Century outlooks, and starting to think with more novel 21st Century paradigms.

If you care to share this with friends and colleagues, please do…


Here’s the link:  http://rt.com/usa/news/usa-oil-rise-economy-bernanke/ 


By the way, I describe many of the key factors that shape this complex global process in my eBook in English, “The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope?” (see below for details)




Adrian Salbuchi

(Buenos Aires – Argentina)




NEW eBook in English:

“The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?".   

You can obtain a copy of the 101 page .pdf file for u$s 20, payable into the following PayPal www.paypal.com Account:

Credit Account: info@asalbuchi.com.ar


You will then immediately receive the full Book File in your E-mail.

Below is a brief description of the contents of “The Coming World Government…” or you can watch this video with a brief summary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMGI1XN73ZI

This book offers a unique perspective on how the Global Power Elite operates, what its interests and long-term objectives are, and how they have repeatedly collapsed a country like Argentina using it as a Testing Bench for future actions they then take on a much wider, global scale.   Argentina thus has had first hand practical experience on “practical globalization”,


“The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?" addresses the following specific topics:

  • Introduction - Do Cry for Me Argentina

[Some lessons in “Practical Globalization” learned the hard way in recent decades by Argentina, after undergoing repeated artificially instigated financial, economic, political and social collapses]

  • Chapter 1 – The World’s Mastermind: Globalization’s Hidden Face

[A Brief description of how the power structures of Globalization really work.  I.e., through Think Tanks, Money Power, NGO’s…  What they want and how they maneuver long-term to get what they want]

  • Chapter 2 – Global Power: Whence does it come? Who has it? Where is it going?

[First and foremost, the true nature of Power must be grasped.  Total Power has been privatized on a global scale.  Private versus Public, where “private” is in no way “democratic” nor does it focus on the Common Good.  The Erosion of the Nation-State’s Sovereignty, as the key structure to serve “We, the People…”]

  • Chapter 3 – Democracy: True or False?

[Republican Institutions have been hi-jacked by Money Power through false “democracy”, which is under full control of the Global Power Elites.  Thus, political leadership function as “Public Managers” for and on behalf of the Elite.  See things as they are: all our presidents and prime minister are nothing but Country CEO’s… ]

  • Chapter 4 – Historical Lies as an Instrument of World Domination

[PsyWar.  Identifying fabrications in contemporary history and politics.  Seeing through gross lies and deception, when real events are distorted and exaggerated so they serve political interests and objectives. Nothing more dangerous than a half-truth!   Two practical examples of Political Myth: The “Holocaust industry” and the “Desaparecidos” in Argentina]

  • Chapter 5 – Death & Resurrection of the US Dollar

[Essay written in 2006 which envisions why and how the US Dollar will be collapsed to the benefit of International Finance.  On a smaller scale, this happened repeatedly in Argentina with its local currency, the Argentine Peso]

  • Chapter 6 – How the Debt Model Works and How to Beat it

[Public Debt as a key weapon of domination over entire nations.  Argentina is kept in bondage through the enormous weight of an artificially generated, illegitimate (and for the most part illegal) Public Debt.  Forty years of Caretaker Governments have increased it exponentially.  A simple proposal to overcome the Debt Model, applicable to most every country]

  • Chapter 7 – Territory in Jeopardy: The “Patagonia”

[Describes how the immensely rich Patagonia Region in Southern Argentina is being taken over – literally privatized – by the Global Power Elite.  This is happening in many parts of the world, even in America…]

  • Epilogue – What we can all do together…

[When you understand how the global power structure really works, why it has made us all bite the dust, then… the way to fight back is: do/think exactly the opposite of what the Elites want!  This means taking your country back: founding a Second Republic]

You can also help us raise funds to continue building our Second Republic Project, both internationally and locally in Argentina.  

Second Republic is poised to become the first virtual Internet Nation, enabling people from all countries to come together to pool our efforts, capabilities, synergies and knowledge.  From this work, Second Republics will arise in each of our nations...   I invite you to visit our site (under construction), www.secondrepublicproject.com.

I hope you will join us in building a Second Republic today that will carry us all to a better world tomorrow...

Adrian Salbuchi,
Second Republic Project,
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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