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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 26, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it) 

Vatic Note:   UPDATE:  Christchurch,  New Zealand -  We received this very short comment from someone who lives in Christchurch, NZ and are sharing it with you as these come in.   Here is the short comment for your information and below is a more indepth report on the possibility this was a HAARP event.  Look at the evidence and decide for yourself, but if it was, then this is war against the world.   There is a world war between the elite ruling class/international ROTHSCHILD bankers and the people of the planet..... so be prepared to take back control of your own life and come together with others as community to do it on a local community scale.  Here is that comment:
...I live in Christchurch. We had an aftershocks from that quake on the 22nd of February, and last I heard, the death toll was 113. It was a 6.3, but sat at only 5km below the surface, which meant it was more devastating. "

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 26, 2011

I.  Post:           HAARP Chart for NZ Quake - Evidence of a Man Made Disaster - Feb 21.2011


VATIC UPDATE: Additional proof of Haarp induced earthquakes. (Be sure and watch the second video as it is compelling and indicting and would definitely solicit a guilty verdict in a court of law).  This is now confirmed murder (see 2nd video as proof) and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by whoever gave the orders to use it on New Zealand.  So, the enemy/terrorist is not the muslims after all, its the israeli's,  US traitors in our government and the British (who have a history of bullying everyone around who their king, Rothschild, wants bullied for their natural resources.)  I wonder what New Zealand has that Rothschild wants? WE just put a video up that is a very indepth treatment of these british and the horrors they have visited on damn near every country they have occupied or coveted, its time the world knew it  too, so watch that video, its in the link above here and we are finding out the Swiss are not as innocent as they act, but that is for another day  It would be good if someone could figure out what it is the pervert, Rothschild wants from NZ.    And the globe needs to deal with this and the BRITISH and  international zionist satanic bankers who are doing this through their treasonous agents who infiltrated our gov through the city gates.

Trust me, its not the American people, it is truly our foreign occupied enemies who control the perverted government and its inhuman and barbaric uncivilized and perverted actions, who are the British and the Israeli's,  and now they are the world's enemy as well. They are the globes enemy since they have no compunction about mass murdering people at will. Keep that in mind. Why do you think we revolted from them?   BECAUSE THEY WERE REVOLTING.  We can sit and take it or we can die fighting back. I prefer the latter. How we fight back is the question and that is complete and total withdrawal from their system and reestablishing a system of our own. True, it will be tough, but rewarding and natural rather than this artificial and false reality matrix that we have been living in... NO MORE living in ant colonies as worker bee slaves.  Does anyone think that maybe we should form a temporary alliance with Gaddaffi, Mubarek, the King of Saudi Arabia, and others that have been betrayed by these same players???  Am I mad?  You betcha.  NZ is one of the most peaceful places on earth.  Their fish are safe because they do not allow pesticide runoffs from their land.  Or at least that used to be the case.  I love their orang roughy fish.  Wonderful fish.   .....  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post:        Is Qaddafi Working With Mossad?


Vatic Note:  A little "LESSON" for those working for the Khazars,  the Illuminati, Rothschild, etc.   Your loyalty over all those years will mean nothing when its time to go into another phase of their operation.  YOU ARE EXPENDABLE and if you don't believe me just ask  SADDAM,  MUBARAK, LIBBY, and now QADDAFI, ETC.  Remember, anything resembling "honor", integrity, higher ideals, humanity, compassion, conscience, etc,  do not exist within these peoples lexicon.  Why they even traumatize and purposely make their own children insane.   They drug them, satanically, sexually and ritually abuse them, etc.  They will do no less to you than they would do to their own flesh and blood.   I am telling you, they are not human.  You can take that to the bank.... one of theirs perferrably!  lol .  If you want to be secure in your relationships, you better stick with us and not with them.  They are going down for sure.    Click link above to read the rest

III.  Post:           Is There No One left with a Smiggen of Integrity at All??? This is Sickening!

Vatic Note: Amazing!!!! WHAT SCAM ARTISTS THESE TWO ARE......They are doing the bankers work for them. It was never the loans, it was always the derivatives.  Not one word from either of them about those criminal derivatives that were 10 times worse than the loan problem which was only in the billions out of $14 trillion and the FBI announced back in 2008 that they were investigating it at that time. Then Bush quashed it. Total of the bad loans did not even reach a trillion dollars, so what were the $14 trillion dollars used for to bail out AIG, Wells Fargo, and all the other JP Morgan, Morgan stanley, Goldman sachs etc FOR THEIR GAMBLING HABITS IN THE DERIVATIVES MARKET THAT WAS "EXEMPT" FROM SEC REGULATION AND OVERSIGHT; WE THEN BAIL THEM OUT and THEY THEN reported record profits in the history of their companies???? Not a single word. That means fox, Ritlan and Issa are in on it. This is simply the "SAME OLD GAME" of "deception" once again to avoid the real life sentences that trillion dollar record crimes would have garnered against these bankers. Amazing.   Looks like someone is going to be sacrificed for the good of their class, and the rest skate free. 

Well, lets not LET UP ON THEM.  Lets keep at it until the SYSTEM gets serious about throwing these felonious criminals in jail where they belong AS WELL AS THOSE THAT AIDED AND ABETTED THIS CRIME THAT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED HAD THEY DONE THEIR JOBS.  ALL OF THEM, FBI, CIA, SEC, MSM, AND THE REST OF THE ALPHABET SOUPS.   Well, these two are no Keiser Report, are they.   He speaks it like it is.  He called them all SCUM, and  Criminals, mafia, etc.  He was so honest that it highlights the deception of these two pawns, players who took what was already common knowledge and parlayed a BANKER SPIN ON THE ENTIRE THING.  What a joke.  A pattern is certainly beginning to develop here.  The alternative press ferrets out the truth,  spreads it around,  then the MSM at the behest of the bankers "pretend" they are reporting something "new", when in fact, its old,  then they put the bankers spin on it.  Scum.  The top of the MSM will go down with those they are protecting.   Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:       Middle East being prepped for their super region #7 status??? Looks like it.

Vatic Note:   Listen to this guy because its important to see what we have been told for so long. These preachers are paid by the Rothschild khazars/illuminati puppets to sell this tripe to their congregations. Even with all this visible, its still amazing to behold that this works and that their congregations do not question this Bull that he is spewing out. I am now for the first time thoroughly convinced that this Bible was not the one that came out of the Nicene conference. I believe the satanists that have been doing this plan for centuries, had a hand in the Bible being rewritten by the illuminati in the  17th century to make it look like prophesy is being fullfilled, and yet, I seriously believe this was fabricated at the time of King James Bible being rewritten.

Remember,  prior to King James version of the Bible, The catholic Bible was not allowed to be touched or read directly by the masses. It was controlled by the priests. Then King James came along, who was a Brit (that should tell you something right there) and also part of the illuminati, had the Bible rewritten and for the first time, the average person could own a copy and not rely on a priest or anyone else. So they put into it what they planned over these many centuries while adjusting it as they went along based on advancements in technology. I am sorry, but it says in revelations, in keeping with their desire to tell us what they are doing and watch us ignore it, that the "ELECT" will be deceived.   Then this comes out from a religious Christian Zionist supporting site and it simply triggered a new awareness for me.  Read it and listen for yourselves and decide.   This is simply my humble opinion after read this.  Its just tooooo slick.    Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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