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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 27, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it) 

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 27, 2011

I.   Post:           Is There No One left with a Smiggen of Integrity at All??? This is Sickening!


UPDATE:   2/28/11 -  Due to a comment by a reader, we have added two additional videos AND 2 LINKS that are germane and back up my vatic note.   Please go to the link above here and scroll down to the end of the blog were the additional videos were added and the two links.   If you take the time to watch and read,  trust me, you will see the very big picture, especially if you read protocol #12 as I suggest and then watch the very last new video I put up and then come back and read this vatic note again and you will see why I get so mad at something like this game played while they are destroying our nation.   WE ARE NOT ABOUT "FAST FOOD" NEWS..... this is dense and excellent stuff... so please take the time and you will never look at the MSM the same way again.   I have not and its why I  make the comments I do at times like these.   Thanks.
Vatic Note: Amazing!!!! WHAT SCAM ARTISTS THESE TWO ARE......They are doing the bankers work for them. It was never the loans, it was always the derivatives.  Not one word from either of them about those criminal derivatives that were 10 times worse than the loan problem which was only in the billions out of $14 trillion and the FBI announced back in 2008 that they were investigating it at that time. Then Bush quashed it. Total of the bad loans did not even reach a trillion dollars, so what were the $14 trillion dollars used for to bail out AIG, Wells Fargo, and all the other JP Morgan, Morgan stanley, Goldman sachs etc FOR THEIR GAMBLING HABITS IN THE DERIVATIVES MARKET THAT WAS "EXEMPT" FROM SEC REGULATION AND OVERSIGHT; WE THEN BAIL THEM OUT and THEY THEN reported record profits in the history of their companies???? Not a single word. That means fox, Ritlan and Issa are in on it. This is simply the "SAME OLD GAME" of "deception" once again to avoid the real life sentences that trillion dollar record crimes would have garnered against these bankers. Amazing.   Looks like someone is going to be sacrificed for the good of their class, and the rest skate free. 

Well, lets not LET UP ON THEM.  Lets keep at it until the SYSTEM gets serious about throwing these felonious criminals in jail where they belong AS WELL AS THOSE THAT AIDED AND ABETTED THIS CRIME THAT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED HAD THEY DONE THEIR JOBS.  ALL OF THEM, FBI, CIA, SEC, MSM, AND THE REST OF THE ALPHABET SOUPS.   Well, these two are no Keiser Report, are they.   He speaks it like it is.  He called them all SCUM, and  Criminals, mafia, etc.  He was so honest that it highlights the deception of these two pawns, players who took what was already common knowledge and parlayed a BANKER SPIN ON THE ENTIRE THING.  What a joke.  A pattern is certainly beginning to develop here.  The alternative press ferrets out the truth,  spreads it around,  then the MSM at the behest of the bankers "pretend" they are reporting something "new", when in fact, its old,  then they put the bankers spin on it.  Scum.  The top of the MSM will go down with those they are protecting.   Click on link above for more.
.   .....  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post:        Astrophysicists: Strong evidence gigantic 'Planet X' does exist 


Vatic Note:   (There must be something to this,  because they have started giving me a hard time getting this one up, hmmm,  the good news is, it helps us to know what is real since they would not do this unless they cared)    Ok, that seals it..... that round object we have seen is not planet x after all. It may exist but its supposedly not in view.  I know....... yeah, its a death star made from the funding of "Star Wars", and that is what everyone is seeing.  Or these astrophysicists are lying.   lol   No matter what you believe there are some unanswered questions that need answering.   Like, how and why did Rockefeller and Gates decide to build a huge gargantuous seed bank and DNA bank and put it up in the Arctic with Russia military guarding it?  Well, either its a real pole shift coming, a combination of real and magnetic pole shift, or its a plan to repopulate the planet after they kill us off.  Remember they are planning on some 6 billion people to die, by any number of ways.   False flag of a bioweapon,  a bogus stolen nuke or two, or just slow death by GMO seeds and toxic water.  Maybe that is why all these bills taking our life sustenance from our control and placing it in their hands.   I can't image we would seriously allow that to happen.   Who knows but they do know something.   They ordered milions of body bags and food packets about 10 days ago.  So keep an eye out for any of those possibilities.  I still think they are too crazy and chicken to do a false flag on us since we would know immediately who did it.  Then I wouldn't give a plug nickel for their future careers or their continued existance. The figure I read for the food was 14 Million, and in the millions for the body bags.  Very strange indeed.. YOU READ AND DECIDE.    Click link above to read the rest

III.  Post:           Banks Just Too Big To Fail? Iceland Proves Otherwise; After Punishing Creditors, Economy Returns To Strong Growth

Vatic Note:  I find it interesting that the lowly goyim knew it was better to let the bankers go belly up than to rescue them and the brilliant bankers were so wrong in the results of those actions.  I guess maybe the goyim are not so stupid after all and maybe the khazars are not as smart as they like to pretend they are.   Its like a housecleaning in the spring.  You have to do it every so often to clear out the dead weight and allow new ideas, innovation, energy and service/civil responsibility creep back into the system like a long lost relative.  That is not just an "opinion",  below is PROOF..... if you let the system work, it self corrects and keep all enforcement that contains the unleashed and uncontrolled greed, lust and power from running rampid, well then,  abundance and health returns.  Now look at us,  an ill patient and now we are down to where the cure just might require surgery to cut out the offending tumor..... too bad.  We could have avoided the cure if we had addressed the illness when we could heal it with simply withholding of treatment.   Now I suspect its too late.  Now we will have to prepare for the worst including energy needs, food and water as well as work.   We are working on it and hope to have more strategies up soon.  Please, contribute anyone who has some ideas or examples of other communities being successful.   Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:       Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

Vatic Note:   This is a very powerful audio interview that is a must listen situaiton. I had no idea the military felt the way he is indicating which means we may have a serious chance at stopping all of this if the military has the courage to step up and deal with it. After all, BOTTOM LINE IS WE ARE AN OCCUPIED COUNTRY BY A FOREIGN ENEMY THAT IS CONDUCTING WAR AGAINST OUR PEOPLE.   First thing they need to get rid of are the Khazar bankers. After finding the article, I found this interview with him that was very good. Lets hope the military makes the right decision if they have not been cleaned out by the khazar staff like Gates and others, since this was done a year ago, funny how the MSM never covered it at all. At least I never saw it. Remember when Cheney and Bush cleaned out over 100 top level generals and colonels, at the same time they purged all intel depts they put under the zionist, Gross's control? They were replaced with Cheney's and the Zionists hand picked men. I remember one appt that was made and the zionists said "no" and he was not approved which is when I finally got who ran our government at the very top.

If they did not all get purged, they maybe waiting on us to begin what needs to be done and will give the orders when its time, to turn and fight with us, if it comes to that. I am still holding out that it will not come to that, but I am realistic in my view of this situation and their level of commitment to destroying our nation and doggone near everyone in it. So, that door is always left open. Its not our gov per se, its the infiltrator enemy that has found a way in through deception, then murdered some of our top leaders, threatened others and finally blackmailed the rest.... at least those they didn't pay off. Please watch the video first and then read his article, both are extremely insightful. I am impressed with his calm logic and yet passionate determination to see justice done. But that will be a function of time. Think about it for just a moment, this is an ally that we give billions in aid to, and in return they do this:     Click on link above to read more.

V.   Post:          Championing the Fourth Amendment, Just say "no"

Vatic Note:  
Give the times we are living in and until we get rid of the Khazar gestapo,  AND GIVEN no one has changed the Constitution and Bill of Rights, legally,  it is imperative we know how to do this for our own benefit.   I hope they do a series on the entire Bill of Rights and not just this one, but all of them.  Its getting to be that time, and if we do this right, we may never have to use the "last resort" which is the second amendment.  Personally, I would have said to the cop who wanted to search my car,  "Look I want to cooperate with you, but I also want, in this day and age, to assert and protect my rights under the  governing document of this nation.   So I am going to ask you  "Do you have a search warrant?" and he says he doesn't need one,  and you say "Why"?  He is then forced into bringing up the issue of probable cause. Then you have him by asking,  "what probable cause do you have?"   Just a suggestion, however, I do live in a small  town and cops here are much more sympathetic to these issues.   Click on link above to watch video.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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