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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 28, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it) 

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 28, 2011

I.   Post:        The SPLC and ADL "Hate" breeding Brigade is at it again.


Vatic Note: We are crazy if we give up our guns in this environment with foreign occupying forces trying to take them away from us.   If you don't believe these satanists will not kill millions of Muslims and Christians the minute they get those guns,  you are not paying attention.  Remember, this is exactly what these Khazar did in Russia when they completed their revolution in the "Soviet Union".   Wonder what they intend to call us "The Soviet Union of America"?   You know doggone well, they have another Stalin type waiting in the wings to do the dirty deeds when its time. If you think these Khazar Rothschild foreign occupying forces are not serious, you are sadly mistaken.   

Just one example.   Chertoff, a dual Israeli citizen hired an ex KGB intel secret service gestapo expert who is also a dual Israeli citizen as operations man for Homeland Security and what is he doing in that capacity????  TELLING TSA TO USE PORNOGRAPHY ON OUR POPULATION BY FEELING UP LITTLE KIDS AND CALLING IT SECURITY. Excuse me, I do not want to be unarmed with these perverts hanging around.  In Israel they were shooting unarmed Palestinian teenagers in order to harvest their organs to sell in the west.   TALK ABOUT "TERRORISM",  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MOSSAD ORG ADL AND SPLC  ARE DOING TO US, "TERROR" with all these lies. AND NO WAY WE GIVE UP OUR GUNS WITH ALL THIS GOING ON.  IS THIS THE AMERICA YOU WANT??? Lord, I hope not.   But if you disarm, its the America you will get.  THIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS.   THESE ARE PSYCHOPATHS OF THE WORST KIND.  You have seen it for yourselves and you know the "TRUTH" of it.   We saw them execute an unarmed 19 year old American rescue aid worker after he was already suffering from a gut wound..... that is the kind of behavior we can expect with these satanists.  They did the same thing to the USS Liberty and to 9-11 and then threw the bodies into a garbage dump uncovered for birds, and bugs to eat them.  Come on, folks, lets quit this dancing around about what is right smack in front of our faces.  NO MORE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

 .....  Click above link to read more.
II.  Post            Protests against Polish-Israeli meeting in Jerusalem

Vatic Note:   This is the perfect time to remember this leader of Poland was the opposition party who argued for the central bank devaluing currency and the President of Poland refused and stated they were going back on their old currency and off the EURO,  and the Polish President of the Bank agreed as did many of the legislators.  Remember, this Prime Minister Tusk was vehement in trying to get the Polish president to go along with the fiat Rothschild bankers.  Well, gee what a coincidence, that President and the Bank President were killed in that crash that the rabbis' were going to go along on the trip and backed out at the last minute with little notice.   Now this Prime Minister is doing all that the Polish president refused to do.  This highlighted just  how important to Rothschild and Israel, the death of that President was.  Here are all the links to what I just said about that prime minister and the deaths of the polish pres and the central bank President.       Click link above to read the rest

III.  Post:             The Last Word on Terrorism: The Corbett Report.

Vatic Note:   This is an excellent report, called the "Corbett Report" and he is impressive.   His historical context of the Egyptian crisis right now, is indeed thorough and profound.   Yet he is also very descriptive of his take on the global elite doing all this.   He is no Keiser, but he is going down the same path of calling a spade a spade.  In fact, I am seeing more and more of that occurring.  Enjoy the video and decide for yourself what to believe.  Have a great day. Oh, here is a comment from a reader about this video and reporter....  "The video was excellent. I never heard of him before, but I just subscribed to the emails and bookmarked his web page. Bravo! "

IV.  Post:        The Great Federal Water Grab

Vatic Note:   Is this shades of NAIS, and the food bill SB 510 that just passed and the Law of the Sea Treaty approved by the Senate Sept 2008 and then buried under the noise of TARP?   From this water bill, it will become legal for private corporations to do what they had been doing illegally, which is draining the fresh water out of our great lakes and selling it to companies overseas and not for here  where we need it.  Keep these in mind as you watch this.   I think we have become pretty savvy over these past 10 years listening to the lies that sound wonderful about supposed great acts that turned out to be just another psychopath grab for wealth and power and repression,  horrible like the Patriot Act.  Well NOW WE KNOW and there is no more fooling us.  "LIE TO ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU, LIE TO ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME" for ever giving you another chance to lie to me again.  This below is just another grab of our sustaining water, like food, in order to control us.  These psychopaths care not one wit about anyone health, clean environment or anything else for that matter.  Orwellian term "Clean water restoration Act"  to be enforced by the EPA that allowed BP to control the entire environmental situation in the Gulf.   YEAH, RIGHT! If it wasn't so perverted I would be laughing.  THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is "CLASSIC FASCISM".    Thanks    Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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