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Saturday's Guest: JOHN HOGUE "Nostradamus 2012 and the 3rd AntiChrist" *LINK* *PIC*

My guest is John Hogue.  Join us this Saturday for a lively "Fireside Chat" at 7:00 p.m. pst here, at BBS Radio!

NOSTRADAMUS 2012 and the Thirs AntiChrist

by John Hogue


Tempers in the Middle East, the intensity of world weather and prices, all rise. A number of you and a number of those who have recently had me as guests on blog talk and radio interviews have voiced wonder mixed equally with alarm at my oracle’s accurate assessments of world and ecological events recorded in Predictions for 2010 and Predictions for 2011 thus far.

With this in mind, I wanted to inform you that tonight, across North America (26 February 2011) the History Channel documentary Nostradamus 2012 will be rebroadcast. My interview took place in the inner sanctum of the vast Masonic Lodge in downtown San Antonio, Texas, on a hot and humid summer day in 2008. If you are able to watch the documentary, I wish concentrate on a segment in the first hour because it is the most important warning to make wrong by right actions born in the present.

Nost2012DVDCov-67I was grateful that unlike what recently happened to me in the Brad Melzer’s Decoded fiasco, the editors of 1080 Productions, subcontracted to produce Nostradamus 2012, appreciated what I had to say. They did not digitally delete me in the editing room (though they did choose to leave out what I had to say about the connection of Nostradamus to Mayan Prophecies and the Mayan Calendar purportedly ending time as we have known it on 21 December 2012). Be that as it may, what 1080 did not cut was, in my opinion, far more important than 2012, because it is something you are now directly feeling when you go to the market to buy your basic sustenance. It is impacting you long before the year 2012 arrives.

You all will continue to be feeling and dealing with this crisis long after that year and all the Chicken Littleism surrounding it is forgotten as we all plunge forward into history’s maelstrom of runaway events poised to unravel civilization in the 2020s — if we do not understand how to stop it.

Watch the show tonight, or get a CD from History Channel, or, if you are counting pennies so you can afford current food prices rising to the highest levels in modern history, watch the YouTube excerpts of the documentary. Look out for my short and pithy segment discussing how the danger of famine is the most immediate and least talked about potential apocalyptic event in everyone’s near future life.

A few more matters to discuss before we cover the main topic of this article today.

A day of rage demonstrations in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel did not make much of a stir in the news. It would seem the Arab Revolution has given Israel a respite from a direct confrontation. The shift in focus from Arabs taking down their kings and dictators to protesting what they see as the injustice of a hypocritically undemocratic occupation of Arab Palestinian lands by the only true democracy in the region, will skip this week, this month even. We will find the revolution’s focus erupting on Israel’s doorstep in the month of March.

There is a great opportunity in these dangerous times in the Middle East to see a significant withdrawal of American forces as I predicted in my forecasts for 2010 and 2011. I still hold to a prediction I made as far back as early 2009 on Coast to Coast AM, there will be a rapid withdrawal of US forces home from Iraq and Afghanistan much sooner than 2014. As I said years ago, whoever would be the next president after G.W. Bush, he or she would have to scale down US imperial reach around the world because predictably like all great superpowers, America has overextended itself can ill afford further sustaining its military reach. Economics, not Usama bin Laden, will see a US retreat and as I detailed in my forecast for 2011, this “insolationism” coming to the US has potentially positive consequences for its people.

This weekend, the day of greatest rage was in the streets of Iraq. Revolution can happen there as well, for the government experiment established by the grace of US occupation is at best dysfunctional and better serving corruption than the Iraqi people. I expect I will have to review Nostradamus’ clear allusions to Iraq in his prophecies, refreshing my interpretation as events come clearer as the times of their arrival into the present appear.

All civil wars have their lulls. This weekend, the Libyans draw a breath before the next wave of violence. Gaddafi entrenches in Tripoli, massacring dissenters in its streets, arming the pro-Gaddafi mob militias.

I am most concerned that Gaddafi will not shrink at using his vast stores of chemical and biological weapons if there be attacks on Tripoli. In addition, he has shot bomber pilots who declined to fly bombing runs on Benghazi and oil installations in rebel held eastern Libya. He replaced these with Algerian mercenary pilots who may not care what WMD they drop from their bomb bays. A NATO-US organized “no-fly” zone must be established if we possibly can prevent another  Halabja massacre in Libya — the thousands killed in a Kurdish town gassed from the air by Nostradamus Antichrist candidate Saddam Hussein in 1988.

I expect that March will see my oracle’s prophecies for 2011 vindicated on the wild weather front as blizzards are replaced by tornadoes when a sudden and violent shift from winter to spring takes place in the eastern and central parts of the Untied States. The catchword for 2011 is a redoubling of everything you saw hurled at you from Mother Nature in the violent year of 2010. Christchurch, New Zealand is but a taste of the earthquakes I expect will come in the spring and summer months.

Washington DC politicians have, as predicted, played nicey-nicey with platitudinous, patronizing placations on the news about toning down their politically polarizing, violent rhetoric. It will not last. Watch it come apart in March when the budget debate begins. The legislative demonstrations you see in February move from Cairo Egypt to Madison Wisconsin and the capitol buildings of Ohio, New Jersey, etc., will come marching into the nation’s capitol building in March. You can read about what the next six months of riotous politics on the floor of the House and Senate will be like in two chapters in my 2011 e-Book: “Wattsington DC” and “Big GOPocalyptic Faustian Deal!”

Now I would like to at last share with you a reply I made back in October 2010 to a letter sent from a young Indian citizen named Suraj who saw a broadcast of Nostradamus 2012 in India.


Hello sir. I am just a 14-year-old kid from India looking for answers and I’m eager for answers. I saw the documentary of yours about the prophecies of Nostradamus and am willing to study deeply about it. I am not a very bright child but I take a of interest in this subject. I have a very few questions sir and would be pleased if you answered them. My first question is … What do you think is my part in not letting these dark prophecies coming true?

Thank you for writing me and joining my newsletter list. When I look at what our part is in these prophecies, it is the darkness played out by us that is not our own. Our societies, religions, parents, priests, politicians and pedagogues (teachers) condition this darkness into us. One must forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. They too were programmed to automatically impart identifications and borrowed knowledge and they often did this with their sincere intent to love us, as far as they knew or thought they knew what love is. Nevertheless, all of us eventually are coated with other people’s ego habits and ego identities over that which can never be predictable. “That” which is eternal, that, which visits the realm of time (past-and-future) but lives in the eternity of the present moment, waking-sleeping, or living-dying.

The dark prophecies of Nostradamus are warnings, are pitfalls set before us that I believe the prophet wished us to be alert in avoiding, in finding new pathways to better futures. The only way I know how to do my part not to serve the dark destinies of these prophecies is to live and awaken each moment the light of my inner awareness. To do this, I must see into why I am living a habitual, unconscious, robotic identity.

You are fourteen. This is a crossroads moment. At fourteen new energies awaken and one can gain a knack of keeping the thread (the sutra) of soul untouched as you soon enter a more intense process of ego “education”.

Education is necessary. We need to learn how to live and relate in this world. The problem is, our educators are not wise. For the most part, they have only borrowed the wisdom of others. It is not their direct experience. Even authentic knowledge, if borrowed, is less valuable than your direct and existential experiences. So, the teachers being unaware of real wisdom teach us to identify with this “body-mind” vehicle we use in life.

In short, they teach us to think we are the car, not the “driver” of this car traveling the path of our destiny. So, learn all you can about how to drive the body and the mind through your life but remember that you are not this car and all of its labels of identity. You are far more than this. Your name, your mind, your body and senses, your language, and social training, etc., are only utilitarian. They are tools. But remember, you are not “the hammer” but the hand of soul that wields it.

You are wrong, Suraj, about not being very bright. I see wisdom in you. It is in your fundamental questions in this email. Keep that wisdom flame burning. Do not let education and the programming of identities suppress it.




There are meditations from my teacher that you might find helpful. I lived in India for a time. Back in 1980, I began my spiritual journey in earnest. I had never been overseas before, yet I was compelled to travel across the planet into the unknown, seeking to lay down my junk filled head at the feet of my teacher, Osho. Meeting him was and ever is the best thing that happened to me in 1,000 lives. If you permit me, I can direct you to links and information about some of his meditations. Just click on Contact.

The most important thing is to not play a part in Nostradamus’ dark prophecies. These meditations may help.

My other question is who is the Third Anti-Christ that Nostradamus talked about?

It is a complicated detective story. My full answer is 77,000 words long and these words comprise an e-Book called Nostradamus and the Antichrist. Click on Mabus.

mabus_cover03There are four major candidates at this time: Barack Obama, G.W. Bush, Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The last and dead candidate has actually fulfilled more of the Third Antichrist prophecies than any other person to date. But more than this, I end the book with an essay about what I call the Antichrist Unconscious. To me in my experience, this is the Anti-Christ (Anti-Conscious) force driving all of us to be mechanical and predictable in our lives.

For the most part we can do little about any else’s ego personifications of anti-conscious behavior, but we can do something about the “Antichrist Unconscious” in ourselves. We can understand, transcend, and dispel this shadow by doing meditations that can re-light our forgotten inner witnessing awareness.

And my last question… Is the world actually going to end in 2012? Because Nostradamus also predicted that there would be a World War 3 for 27 years but there is no world war going on right now, so how can the world end in 2012 if the war has not started yet?

Nostradamus never predicted anything for the year 2012. It is one of the biggest lies put out there by irresponsible so-called 2012 scholars. In the documentaries you see me currently in, my video spots are surrounded by these silly people who think their imaginations can trump this fact. In each show, I have countered their theories but my words are selectively cut out of these documentaries because it does not sell the show.

Nostradamus forecast the end of the world in the year 3797 A.D. We have almost 1,800 years of history yet to see ourselves through.

The Lost Book of Nostradamus that these 2012ers promote as their proof of his predicting the end of the world in 2012 is a forgery from the 17th century. Nostradamus never wrote it. Moreover, the colored images in the book are so vague that you could project anything that is in your mind as prophecy.

Nostradamus’ “2012″ was the year 1999 and it was meant to be the year when the great engine of the centuries would move again towards a new era. This process is gradual. That does not mean we are not heading for great upheavals after 1999 but the process could take another 50 to 100 years before it is through. In a few years we will all forget 2012 as just another year in a greater process of revolutionary change.

I am currently finishing an e-Book on 2012 and what Nostradamus actually wrote about our times. It also points to the inaccuracies of the Mayan Calendar which actually might place their change point in their 5,000 year cycle back between the winter solstices of 1998 and 1999, not the oncoming winter solstice of 2012.

THAT is about all sir and please reply sir and these questions may seem small to you but are very helpful for me.

They are not small to me. They are important. So much so that I took time in my busy schedule that I cannot spare to answer them this morning.

Consider me your student sir and thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you again as fast as possible sir.

You are lucky today. Most queries take me months and up to a year to answer. I was guided to reply to you as soon as possible. I cannot say when I will be able to answer you again, but if it is possible for you to look into the meditations and if you have a “yes” for that, then I will immediately send you that information.

It is the most valuable thing I can share with anyone.


If any of you wish to explore or have guidance about the meditation techniques I use, please Contact Me.

John Hogue

(26 February 2011)

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