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OBAMA & THE COMPANY (CIA) -- Their Latest Comedy Routines!? -- So Obvious, all you can do is Laugh at 'em!! :D *PIC*

Muslims Now Calling for the Removal of the Statue of Liberty???...wow, she's a BIG Mama...  :D

Why do we FUND & FEED the Beast?  Why do we Play THEIR Games & by THEIR Rules which are ALWAYS CHANGING?

It's obvious what's going on...How many will fall into the trap?  But if some of the Muslims are serious about removing ALL of America's IDOLS, they've got a BIG job ahead of them, since we've become the most PAGAN nation on the face of the earth...we've got IDOLS for EVERYTHING...

The Statue of Liberty really IS an IDOL.  Americans should have politely REFUSED the French government's little 'gift' of a ROMAN goddess, but we wouldn't want to offend anyone, except God of course...

The following articles IMO were planted by the CIA...

Muslims Now Calling For the Removal of the Statue of Liberty

And THIS...(The Picture of the White House reminds me of the photoshopped picture I posted of a Muslim NASA)

MUSLIM REPORT -- To Convert/Rebuild the White House Itself


Personally, I think the 'Shariah4America' website was put up by the CIA because it's just a little TOO SLICK and in your face...

"LIBERTAS" (The personification of liberty...Often used by usurpers claiming to restore the liberty of the Roman Republic) & the All-Seeing Freemasonic "ANUBIS" (keeping her in line?)...  Undecided 

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OBAMA & THE COMPANY (CIA) -- Their Latest Comedy Routines!? -- So Obvious, all you can do is Laugh at 'em!! :D *PIC*
Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, tell ya a secret: the gift goddess greets the lower world in AdHi mode 'Hail, Hail, Hail & Victory' holding the fascist torch threatening to 'Burn Burn Burn' Old Rome? *PIC*
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