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Zionism: Modern Day World Domination - PDF



9/11 Involvement

Monetary Control

Politics and Mind Control

Media Control

Military and Medical Domination

Jeans, Coffee and Kosher Scams

World War II and the Cold War

JFK: Assassinated by the CIA

Moon Landing: Faked

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Expert: Chemtrails are global covert operation for total control, detecting UFOs
Dr. Judy Wood's evidence about the WTC & a directed energy weapon makes perfect sense. Then someone drags in the ETs to discredit her. They cover all the bases. *NM*
'makes perfect sense' to deflect from the Zionist-Mossad-Israel setup? Judy Wood: disputed & questionable, said to be a zionist jewess with dubious bio, shady academic releases ... ? CIA?
Zionism: Modern Day World Domination - PDF
Reflections on Zionism From a Dissident Jew
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