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LIBYA – Gaddafi Jet Communication With Malta ATC *PIC*

Something kind of interesting I came across -- out of Libya...?

Gaddafi Jet Communication With Malta ATC

Gaddafi Jet Communication With Malta ATC

Libya, Malta, registered jet Gaddafi step towards Minsk in Bielorussia. The control tower of the international airport in Valletta, Malta, reported Friday the transfer of one of three private jets of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, flying to Minsk, in Belarus, which is then turned back this morning and landed at 'Mitigate airport in Tripoli.  The air traffic controllers reported ANSA.  Do not know who was on board the aircraft.

According to the plan of flight, the Dassault Falcon aircraft with registration 5A-DCN landed in Minsk on Friday afternoon and returned to the airport today to mitigate the outskirts of Tripoli, at 12:30 local.  According to leaks, the pilot contacted the control towers of Valletta and Budapest,  No word yet if this is the same plane Wednesday which had been forbidden to land at Beirut airport and was carrying a family member of Gaddafi, its probably a daughter of Lebanese origin...

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