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America – the new Saudi Arabia


America – the new Saudi Arabia

There will be a huge push to move the Shale Oil industry as America’s answer to...how do we decrease our dependence on oil?

Watch for headlines promoting America as being the “New Saudi Arabia”...with respect to natural gas finds.

Will investment newsletters or MSM mention the potential pollution of the water table across America as a by-product of finding shale oil/gas when using the fracturing process? I doubt it, but you never know.

When the Gulf of Mexico can be killed off in prime time...and Washington and MSM ignores it, anything can happen.

The natural gas push to trucks and cars is beginning. Switching the diesel trucking industry over to natural gas is said to decrease by half the daily supply of imported oil.

No mention being made of using free energy/over unity energy technology. C’est la vie!

Keep an eye on what’s happening with the water that comes out of your tap!

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