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Former Soviet Citizen Challenges Texans to Step Up To Be Free or be a Slave *LINK*

Former Soviet Citizen Challenges Texans to Step Up To Be Free or be a Slave


Folks, if you care a bit about what is going on in the US and Texas, you may know that the federal government is out of control with no intention of backing off.
They will not stop until they transform the country into socialist nightmare.
Do you get this?They will not stop.Their principle is The End Justifies The Means
If you do not know what that means, hundreds of millions people in past and present socialist countries would tell you, if they could.But they are dead.Their tyrannical governments killed them.Do not think for a second it will not happen in the US.

               It is not about Democrats or Republicans. There is no difference between them any more.
It is about We the people and the tyrannical federal government.

You have only three options.

   1. To become a slave soon. Really soon, probably this year.
   2. To be killed if you do not agree with the regime.  
   3. To do something (whatever you can) NOW to stop the process and live free.

Whatever you choose will determine yours and your children future. And the time to make the decision is NOW.I am a Texan by choice.I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union.Since 1995, I live in the US.
In 2009, I moved to Texas from California to join the Texas Nationalist Movement and fight for independent Texas...


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