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Libya Has $32 Billion in Cash -- in U.S. Banks!!

I guess there are those who would say Gadhafi was just trying to help the U.S. by propping up our ailing Jewish banks, since he has such good friends in high places here in the U.S.  Undecided 

Libya Placed Billions of Dollars at U.S. Banks -- WikiLeaks


Libya's secretive sovereign wealth fund has $32 billion in cash with several U.S. banks each managing up to $500 million, and it has primary investments in London, a confidential diplomatic cable shows. The cable, obtained by WikiLeaks and revealing the details of a January meeting between the head of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli, comes as the United States and European governments explored the possibility of freezing assets belonging to the Libyan government...


Obama's Mystery Links to Gadhafi Uncovered
Prez fails to call for dictator's removal despite reports of attacks on citizens

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Libya Has $32 Billion in Cash -- in U.S. Banks!!
32,000,000,000 Dollars in Cash? In U.S. Banks? That is, metal coins & paper bills stored in "accounts" ready to be drawn out? In cash, at counters ... or maybe in tungsten bars at Sears Towers? :D *PIC*
Aah ya, again, the 'most reliable' main stream sources drunken of wiki-leaks syrup, Reuters & MADsen et al. Handed out like fresh brain food. Laying cuckoo eggs into trusted news basket? So oversized! *PIC*
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