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Why nobody believes the mainstream media anymore? *LINK* *PIC*

Why nobody believes the mainstream media anymore?

Because the have been caught lying over and over, thats why!

By Louistheguy – Sovereign Independent

Its now evident that alternative media outlets  are increasing viewers and subscribers as appetite for alternative news increases exponentially. Now I wonder why that would be. Well, its quite clear that the main reason for this hunger for the alternative news is that alternative sites are now recognised as one of the main fonts of real and truthful news. Many readers to this site will understand and no doubt will remember various articles such as http://oneworldscam.com/?p=12498 , where media devices such as tv is used as a mind control weapon. Now consider this. If tv is used as a mind control weapon, then what is the actual “bullet”. The bullet must be the programme. Then there is the question, why is it called a “programme”, but thats another article. But stick with me here, what people have been fed over the years from the tv in the corner has been a contant stream of drivel, specifically designed for a population(s) which have been induced under some sort of spell, rendering them no better than drones, and the more that they conform to the system, the better little drones they are. At this point, I sincerely recommend any and all to read a bookwritten in 1932  called “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley for what probably was seen as a satirical look, but a warning no less,  of society of the future. Amazingly, we would appear to be edging towards this “Brave New World” and the horrors associated with that type of society.

So these programmes are designed to well, to coin a phrase “programme” and condition the  minds, and as we know there appears to be a huge awakening happening, even Osama Bushbamas “mentor” ,Zbigniew Brzezinski  has outlined his fears at last years GFR meeting in Montreal of this global mass awakening.


So the powers that be are afraid of this awakening, and its obvious that they are aware of its existence, and as part of that awakening, the population are looking towards a medium which will tell them the truth. We all are begining to see through the lies the main stream media are feeding us, and thus we seek the truth, because as we know, the truth will set us all free. This is why sites such as this endeavour to bring you as much information as possible that hasnt been tainted with the “agenda” of the mainstream media. To understand this agenda, one only has to spend some time looking at the breakdown of ownership of the main media outlets worldwide. Some of you may be astonished to find how consolidated that ownership is and how few people control the media. And so, we begin to understand the goal of the elite, and the way that they use media to manipulate the minds and thus control the masses. Ask yourselves this question. Who do you think was responsible for the 911 attacks in New York?. If you have answered Osama Bin Laden, well done you. Good little drone. You have allowed the mainstream media to stop any critical thought enter your mind and succumbed successfully to the repeated indoctrination of the powers that be. You have agreed that one man in a cave in Afghanistan, using a mobile phone, organised a group of hijackers to successfully, fly two jets into two buildings in downtown New York, with little or no flying experience, to manoever these jets above the abilities of fully trained and vastly experienced military pilots, whilst organising NORAD to stand down, so as to allow another alledged jet to be sent into the most protected building on the planet, The Pentagon.

Heres a little research tip for you. On the FBIs most wanted list, whih you can see via the FBI website,  appears OBL, but would you believe he isnt wanted for 911. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, as the FBI themselves admit, “there is no proof” that he carried this operation out. Hmmm, strange that. The mainstream media told us he is responsible. Whos right? FBI or the media. You decide. Before you make up your mind, have a little watch of this video. Have a nice day, no doubt we will see you back here again soon.

For further analysis on who owns the media check here www.pjresearch.com


26th Feb 2011

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