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Vladymir de Rothschild Advocates Rationing Vouchers for ‘Revolutionary’ Healthcare Agenda: It’ll Be Food Next! *LINK* *PIC*

My JAW hit the floor when I saw this online!


Vladymir de Rothschild Advocates Rationing Vouchers for ‘Revolutionary’ Healthcare Agenda: It’ll Be Food Next!

By Neil Foster – the Sovereign Independent -

When you hear the name Rothschild you tend to think of the elite international banking family but in the case of Vladymir de Rothschild, although a member of this ruthless family, you would be wrong.

His branch of interest is the use of the scalpel to fleece his flock peddling vanity to his no doubt illustrious clientele. He’s a specialist plastic surgeon.

Vladymir de Rothschild – Just another evil psychopath!

This doesn’t seem to matter however when we read the words of his ancestor Mayer Amschel Rothschild where he said;

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”

You see, ‘Vladymir the Improver’, although I’m sure if he could get away with the ‘Impaler’ tag I’m sure he’d unashamedly use it, has set his sights on changing the law within the NHS to adopt a ‘revolutionary voucher scheme’ for all patients whereby they would be given a book of vouchers to ‘spend’ with a GP or specialist or even for surgery should they require it.

Make no mistake here; this is another Rothschild lunatic talking about rationing healthcare and he means it. I’m sure he’ll get his way too as David Cameron grovels to his every wish possibly under the advice of Chancellor George Osbourne, a close personal friend of the Rothschild family who frequently spends time dining with them on their plush yacht along with that other arch criminal Peter Mandelson.

So how will this scheme work?

Well, each patient will be given a ration book of vouchers with which they can shop around for the best care at the best price to suit their allocation of vouchers apparently.

These are supposed to be ill people requiring treatment, sometimes surgery who are expected to do market research of their own and trust the word of doctors and other medical staff under the assumption that they are scrupulous and wouldn’t ‘sex up’ their abilities or professionalism simply to get their greedy paws on guaranteed government loot.

Well I’m sorry for sounding so cynical but I know of doctors who admit that they wouldn’t take a vaccine with mercury in it but quite happily inject this toxic chemical, linked to autism and other brain dysfunction, into your children without warning you of any danger.

These are the same doctors who will give you a vaccine or a drug with no knowledge of what’s contained in that drug or its side effects other than the information the big pharma mafia tells them and pays them handsomely to do so.

The thinking goes that this scheme would cut out ‘timewasters’ because they’re going to be checked up on to see if they really need treatment as a priority or they’re simply going to be left to suffer I suppose. I don’t see why people would visit surgeries, barring the odd hypochondriac, without the need to. I’m sure people have far better things to do.

But of course, the article below goes on to say, people would naturally be concerned about using up their vouchers. Does this mean that people will have such a low ration of healthcare that they’ll need to save their ration for the day when they’re almost dead before daring to visit a surgery to beg for treatment?

How can anyone possibly evaluate how many vouchers each and every individual requires for their specific health problem? The repair of a broken limb is hardly going to cost the same treating breast cancer for example. So I guess if you’ve got breast cancer and don’t have enough to vouchers to pay for treatment then the best you can hope for is that you’ll be ok if you should ever break a leg in the future.

This psychopath tries to justify this by telling us that this gives more choice and power to the patient when in reality the patient is now to be rationed for treatment which they were already entitled to and have paid for through the National Insurance Scheme and their taxes all their lives.

This is just another example of the eugenics ideology running through all supposedly new health initiatives by a select group of banking elites which is being pushed through by governments around the world whom they’ve already bought and paid for to legislate for their murderous agenda.


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