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Doctor of MMS vs. Doctor of Medicine - Part Two

 Doctor of MMS vs. Doctor of Medicine - Part Two

Why the Genesis 2 Church does not furnish proof of its claims.

What kind of proof do you require?  Please check under FDA suppression in Google or other search engines.  All those who finally have acquired proof of their cures have either died violent deaths or been imprisoned as are many imprisoned right now.  So long as you are just one more unproven theory, one more quack, they don't care, but prove your cure and you become an enemy. They have billions and don’t want to lose a dime. There is no money in a cure!!!! The money is in treatments medicines and insurances, not cures.  You can furnish your own proof.  Try it and see if it works. Healing by our ministers throughout the world or at our World Head Quarters in the Dominican Republic is free. 


Clinical trials and scientific proof costs millions which we don't have.  The system is set to prevent any real cures from every becoming known.  The average drug at this time costs $800 million dollars to bring to market.  But even if we had the money it still wouldn't get FDA approval.  Many places in the world today there are those who will kill you for $50.  Do you think that the pharmaceutical industry would just stand by and lose billions of dollars each year?


I’ve approached hundreds of wealthy individuals and corporations and all had a reason why not to help. Most were afraid of their friends, family, doctors, FDA, Governments and their accountants. There are thousands of people walking around and enjoying their life that would not be here if I had waited until I had scientific proof.  Many said, "get FDA approval and we will put up millions." One billionaire that I approached said, "Here is $5000 dollars, but don't come back." He was probably heavily invested in the “Big Pharma” anyways. The scientific system is set to prevent anything like MMS from ever becoming known, because it was set by modern medical science.  The same problem exists in the field of energy. 


Those who keep emailing me saying, "If MMS worked there would be no one dying of malaria or cancer right now."  But those same people won't try it or give it a chance.  That should be their answer right there.  There are thousands of others who won't give it a chance either because they all have been brain washed by the modern scientific method that if you don't spend hundreds of millions for FDA approval, it simply isn't true. BUT THERE ARE MILLIONS WHO HAVE GIVEN IT A CHANCE, SO REALLY IT CANNOT BE STOPPED NOW!


NOTE: People from all over the world are tired of being, abused and lied to and systematically eliminated by those who govern over them. Watch the news. The World is changing!!!


As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble



  • My next MMS Seminar is March 28th – April 6th,(Dominican Republic). For more info., please contact us at mmsforhispaniola@gmail.com
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More coming!!!!!

MMS saves lives!!!

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