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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - February 25, 2011

VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.  (focus on the international bankers, forget the gov for now, deal with those that control it) 

Vatic Note:   JUST A REMINDER,  FEBRUARY ONLY HAS 28 DAYS IN THE MONTH.    We are blessed that we received a donation from overseas that has helped us to make our full months needs.  Thank you New Zealand and we deeply thank you.   Now we are going to continue fund raising to try and generate enough from this point forward to try and establish a very secure website and we will need to pay for that both the domain name, the actual website, and for the webmaster to put it together for us.   We are pricing that out now waiting on return calls,  and as soon as we have a figure we will let you know, but for now if you wish to begin to contribute toward that for those of you who have not as yet, we would appreciate it.   Please just use the "donation" button on the blog for now.   Thank you all and God bless you all for your support.  Without you, both as donors and "readers",  this could never happen.  I still believe we have a good chance of winning this thing,  since ITS NOT OVER TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS.    JUST A REMINDER, IF THE TYPING OR SIZE OF THE SUMMARY LOOKS WEIRD, ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE BACK THIS MORNING MESSING WITH THIS.  ITS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE NEVER DONE A REAL DAYS WORK IN YOUR LIFE.... YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE.   ITS A CURSE OF THE KHAZARS..... you have to feel sorry for them actually.  

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Feb 25, 2011

I.  Post:           Rahm Emanuel is Mayor of Chicago?? I'd rather have Gadaffi bombing my house!!!                                http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/rahm-emanuel-is-mayor-of-chicago-id.html
Vatic Note : I think Dick is right here.   So what to do about it since this is a turning point for us.  Dicks words and sentiments have made me decide to dig even harder and work harder to begin helping us prepare for what is coming.   Remember we started out with strategies but got way-laid by the bad news and the harassment factor of the internet trolls and slugs.   Its time we get back to what we need to do to adapt to our new reality.   The good news is,  no matter how bad it looks,  such evil has historically led to great innovations and adaptations that have changed our world and its time we do that again.  Stay tuned,  new ideas,  solutions and suggestions are forthcoming. 
Remember, THINK GLOBAL, WORK LOCAL.  Do not try to start from the top down.   That was not how we built our nation.  Start from the bottom up.  They can't deal with thousands of communities totally ignoring them and working toward self sufficiency and sovereign independance and freedom.  That is how we must begin this process.  Anyone who wants to contribute to this effort as a team is more than welcome.   The question is do you want to be a complainer or a changer...... your choice.   The first step begins with us "doing" and others will follow.   Good luck, and use all that power we know we have to change our world.   .....  Click above link to read more.

II.  Post:      911 IS IT LIVE OR IS IT LIVERY * (a must watch, critical)                               http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/911-is-it-live-or-is-it-livery.html                                 *** Just a note to let you know that the video must be watched at Utube, so click on it here and then click on UTube on the screen, however, once you begin watching the video,  it is in several parts so wait between the sections, they will come up already on the same screen without you having to do anything, but this is an unbelievable video.  The best ever.  Catherine Fitts goes into massive depth at the last section of the video on how all this has worked and how to stop it.  Please listen up to her on this.

 Vatic Note: This is a video like none I have ever seen before.  It is the ultimate in the exposure of the true global criminals who did 9-11.  It was a RICO conspiracy with many many international players conducting war against the "PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".   There is information about 9-11 in here I had not seen nor heard ever before and this is the most condemning and surprising of all that I have seen.  I had no idea just how deeply Britian was involved with the Israeli's on this TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST THE UNITED STATES.   Its the Queens way of getting her colonies back again.   That is a fact.   Its a must watch.   Further he then goes back into the history of England and how they have murdered many in many countries they have been Lord over, and their inhuamnity is infamous outside the USA.  We are the ones who have no clue.  WE best never let them rule in peace here.  They have murdered and massacred over hundreds of years and who the british royalty really are in the end.... GERMAN Khazars.   Not British at all, not one drop of British blood. The Real Monarch of Britian resides in Australia, basically in exile and they killed off another real British royal which was Diana Stewart who had a more legit claim to the British throne than the current usurper sitting on the throne with her concubine useless husband.   Its an amazing video and well worth the effort.  Anyone connected to the "commonwealth" really needs to watch this.  Apparently even the Canadian military were also involved which doesn't surprise me, we had a blog up about how the Queen actually owns the land in Canada and she is the Monach and even their parliament can't go against her.  She had parliament shut down once for something she did not like.  She actually has more power in Canada than in Britian.  But then Rothschild is King of britian isn't he??? . What we are learning daily is everything we believed has all BEEN A  LIE.   ALL OF IT.

III.  Post:        Insider Report: US Government Will Confiscate Gold When It Touches $2000                                  http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/02/insider-report-us-government-will.html
Vatic Note: Hmm, do you think this is happening because of the audit bill passing and the Fed Res has to replace the gold they stole??  Remember, way back when GW was still the titular head of this gov, they introduced and passed a law that said Banks had to confiscate any gold held in safe deposit boxes and were not allowed to tell the box owner they had done so. This was to be done whenever the government ordered it but not before. So it was set up in preparation for when the gov decided to confiscate the precious metals. What this tells me is that this has been planned all along. Also remember the Hong Kong fiasco? Also the Fed Res resistance to auditing since that would include the gold reserves at Ft. Knox that they also controlled???? Well, Hong Kong had taken a shipment of gold from us for some reason I don't remember right now, but that gold was "TUNGSTEN" painted over with gold. They caught it because they are one of the few countries that genuinely tests and loses some of their gold to do so.

Hong Kong was the country that found the gold was really tungsten metal. Also the Fed continued to resist auditing that gold. So now maybe they have confiscated government gold already. I just wonder how many other countries they had jurisdiction over that are missing their real gold as well??? YES, WE DEFINITELY NEED THAT AUDIT. Guess who has a huge space filled with Gold and silver??? I forgot what they call these but they are huge massive safes and are used for storing just such precious metals. ROTHSCHILD HAS JUST SUCH A FACILITY, but then when you are quadrabillionaire I suspect you can afford such a facility that is the size of a warehouse. Finally, read the protocols again. GOLD WAS A CRITICAL PART OF THE PROTOCOLS. And it was Rothschild et al who wrote those protocols way back then. So, now you can see the big picture here. AT least so far. As you know, as new info comes in, it can change that picture.    Click on link above for more.

IV.  Post:     People-To-People Initiative - Strategy # 5 - Build your own energy source from scrap, here's how!!
Vatic Note:   OK, its been awhile since we spent time on solutions and alternative strategies to what is coming. The idea is not to focus on the "problem" as it "appears" rather to focus on the solution TO THE EFFECTS OF THE PROBLEM. So rather than waiting and suffering through trying to do something after the fact, we should seriously begin now. So here is the first one on alternative home energy that we can create and begin building right now while we still have energy available to us that we have to pay for, this will be free except for the expense of purchasing the items one time needed for each panel. So, watch this, take notes and begin figuring out how to put this together by following his instructions and checking out his equipment. Good luck.  This way we are already prepared for whatever comes down in the heating dept.

"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."   P.J. O'Rourke  (I put his up because that is what this has looked like since the neocons took over our government, and they want to run the world??? LOL)

If this works, then those that are unemployed in each town, can form an employee coop and contact this man to act as distributors here in the states and also as local builders of these units to then sell to others who have money and can afford it, thus fullfilling another strategy of  starting "employee coops" that we covered in one of our other strategies.  He then makes money and so do those wishing to pursue these alternatives.  No matter how this ends, we will have done something for ourselves that is better than what we now have at the control and whims of those in power WHO NEVER DID A PRODUCTIVE PIECE OF WORK IN THEIR LIVES.  Our chances of surviving and prospering rests with us and no one else.   Screw them, lets rock and roll.. Any info you wish to share please do so in the comments section and we will try to add them to the strategy section of our people to people initiative of non cooperation especially if your comments can add to what we have learned. This is where we begin the process of becoming community. Yahoooo.    Click on link above to read more.

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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