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FLASHBACK: U.S. Releases Highly Secret List of Nuclear Sites “Accidentally” (signed by Obama, but that's OK because the enemy of his enemy is his friend...)

Of course the Russians were already given this information (and more) by the Clintons under THEIR administration, so I guess it's no "big deal" that the Muslim Brotherhood, China or anyone else should have it as well...and finally the U.S. Government gave Homeland Security a "valid" reason to exist besides just jackbooting around...?  Undecided 

U.S. Releases Secret List of Nuclear Sites “Accidentally”

U.S. Nuclear Sites Detail Data in PDF; Highly Secret Document Leaked


America has been raising voices over safety of Pakistan’s Nuclear assets and demanding too much from Pakistani Generals about Nuclear weapons’ safety. It was also learnt that America wanted IAEA to take control of Pakistan’s nuclear assets so that they are safe from terrorists. America also wanted access over Dr. AQ Khan for his alleged involvement in Nuclear Proliferation. Now, in a very shameful and a losuy act, Government Printing Office of USA posted the 266 pager draft on its website on Monday and that was by mistake! What a shame on US government who worry about others nukes but they can not safeguard their own information.

If they can not safegurad such sensitive information, should other nations be worried and press US hard to take control over US nukes? Or atleast somebody can give training to Govt. Printing Office, on how not to publish secret data, lolz! But this would not happen since it is case of Uncle Sam.

We have got hold of that highly secret pdf which is not secret any more. It contains details of the precise whereabouts of hundreds of its nuclear sites as well as fuel storage areas for its nuclear weapons stockpiles. The 266-page report marked “highly confidential” is raising fears among nuclear experts who cited security hazards.

The secret document includes many details about nuclear activities and facilities at Los Alamos, Livermore and Sandia nuclear weapons laboratories, as well as dozens of other federal and private nuclear sites. The maps further illustrate the exact location of laboratories’ tube vaults — cylinders embedded in concrete with a capacity of up to 44 tons of highly enriched uranium in 200 tubes each. There is a serious concern that the disclosure of the sites where nuclear fuel is stored could provide thieves or terrorists with the information they need to seize the material.

World feels unsafe from such lame acts by USA. Now here is 266 pager pdf signed as highly secret by Obama! ...

LINK to more Detailed Articles: [The actual pdf Document has now been withdrawn]


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