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Ready to BE city hall?


This is an interesting idea; especially for those who KNOW what's wrong, and feel moved to "do something" to empower themselves...  in any case, it's a positive grass roots "sign" of new possibilities.
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Subject: Ready to BE city hall?


2011 February 23                                          from G. Edward Griffin

Project City Hall to be launched!



We have spoken at length of the need to stop merely complaining about the assault on our freedom and, instead, take back control of the political system. An analysis of why and how that can be done appears on the Freedom Force web site here. The bottom line is that we must become influential in the power centers of society, those groups and organizations that determine government policies.

At the pinnacle of all power centers is political office. So let’s cut to the chase and say it as clearly as possible: RUN FOR OFFICE, especially at the local level. This call to action doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Just do it.

Political offices in small election districts often have difficulty attracting any candidates at all. In many districts, the same candidates, unopposed, are elected from term to term without competition. These situations are tailor made for new candidates to gain valuable experience and actually win elections.

While the media pundits are focusing on the 2012 national elections, 2011 is the time to acquire influence in local politics, and that's where it all starts, even for national campaigns. There are several states that, right now, are accepting filings for political offices at various levels of government. The time is now – and, yes, you can do it. Many people who never thought of themselves in this role already have done so. Here are a few examples.

To run a successful campaign is not difficult, but you must know how to do it and, just as important, how not to do it. Good advice and coaching are essential, but experienced advisors are hard to find. Fortunately, one of our Freedom Force members, Richard Michael, not only has the knowledge and experience, but he has volunteered to share it at no cost to anyone who wants to participate in Project City Hall. It doesn't get any better than that.

Richard will host a series of weekly conference calls that are open to everyone. His presentations will take approximately 15 minutes. The rest of the time will be
Q&A. Each conference will focus on one or two topics, such as:

► Planning a successful campaign
► Raising money without fear
► Framing issues in your favor
► Writing winning speeches
► Finding what's important to voters
► Pitfalls of campaign-finance reporting
► Recruiting volunteers
► Avoiding the defensive
► Handling questions from the media
► Actually getting the votes to win

In addition to conference calls, there will be phone-based workshops in which candidates will seek Richard's advice on specific challenges in their campaigns. These workshops also are free but open only to those who have actually committed to run for office and have endorsed The Creed of Freedom.

If candidates want Richard to perform personalized services, such as conducting polls, writing speeches, or setting up voter-contact systems, he will be available on a modest fee basis.

The motto of Freedom Force is Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt, which means: Those without power cannot defend freedom. Project City Hall is based on the reality expressed in that motto. It is an opportunity to begin regaining our power. The longest journey begins with but a single step, and this is it. We can either take this step now or continue to complain over the fact that we have lost control of our political system. The choice is ours.

                                                          G. Edward Griffin


Sunday, February 27, 2011, at 4 PM, Pacific Time.
Teleconference phone number:  (402) 237-2873.  Passcode: 17760704.


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