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In case of: For 'late' Tim E. Lord :O - Zeitgeist Sources: "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" and "Sexual Symbolism in Religion" by GnosticMedia - In case of: Rest in peace, Tim. Be never forgotten. *PIC*

Good Day TNT Folks,
TNT Member Tim E. Lord seems to have passed away lately,
dubious sources say he might have 'shapeshifted in retro mode' :D

Looking forth from your past, methinks, Tim, you might like this:

The Pharmacratic Inquisition
Did Jesus really exist? Or is he sun-mythology?

Is Christianity really based on astro-theology, sex-worship and drugs?
Did early Christians use Marijuana, Magic mushrooms and other drugs?

Gnostic Media is proud to present this "ExposureRoom Edition" of The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit - in high resolution.
Irvin and Rutajit were also used as sources for the Zeitgeist movie.

Sexual Symbolism in Religion
What does sex have to do with Religion?

Was sex worship and fertility ever apart of Christianity?
What are the symbols behind sex worship?

This short documentary goes deep into the history on the little discussed facts of sex and fertility worship.

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