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Re: VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...

My understanding about the breaking down is either from the age of the implant, not being kept in repair by the body and having reached the end of their need for use, or the body eventually breaking them down because of them not being part of the normal system.  Dr. Bell spoke on the C2C interview like it was pretty simple to end the symptoms and mentioned use of minerals and some of the Pyradyne devices.


On one of his shows, he mentioned how the technological progression of implants had gotten to the point where the implanter didn't even have to be with the implantee any longer; by application of selected frequencies, physical structures could be formed from the implantees own physical make-up (getting around the rejection problem of an implant of foreign matter) without even having to open up the skin.  Examination of Cymatics studies will show that formation of structures (duplicating "sacred geometry forms") is easily possible and videos of them forming can be seen on Youtube and are fairly simple to set up.  They even appear to move like living things as the frequencies are changed, giving a lot of credence to the theory that frequencies underly everything in the universe.  It has also been found that ancient people were aware of the effects of these frequencies from stone carvings and paintings depicting the sacred geometry formed, and even depictions of waveforms.  Lots of the Celtic symbols and Indian mandalas are exactly the type of geometries formed by application of frequencies to suitable matter.


If more study was given to this effect, our manufactured items could be essentially "grown" from raw material by the application of certain frequencies and possible chemical control of the growth medium to harden the structures for permanence, getting rid of the need for stamping, cutting, molds, lathes, etc.  Possibly manufacturing plants in such a case would be very simple, consisting of only storage for raw material, handling mechanisms, frequency injection equipment, and computers for controlling the production.  There is already an underground movement using 3D "printers" much like ink jet printers of liquid plasic that is hardened by ultraviolet light to make essentially anything small enough to fit the printer structure, and even internal working parts can be printed as the item is made, since it is built up in layers (I remember a wind-up clock being shown).  There are kits for the hobby printers available for around $600 and they are getting cheaper all the time.  Just a few simple breakthroughs and we will be in a world where your computer and a type of printer would be able to cheaply make most of the simple (and some mechanically complex) items you have to purchase now.  Then a lot of the Chinese factory jobs go away.


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Wouldn't audio resonance or something wipe these from the body? I wonder what frequencies Morgellons encompasses. Rife technology might work best on this. *NM*
VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Re: VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims. *NM*
Re: Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims.
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