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They're workin' on it... *PIC*
In Response To: Better video .... *LINK* ()

I think the reason more attention hasn't been focused on the demonstrations in the U.S. is because they haven't turned violent -- YET -- but eventually they will.  If the government sends in the military, things could get ugly very quickly.  And isn't that what most people are really waiting for?  They don't care about Tea Parties and peaceful demonstrations, they like to see action and blood spilled in the streets, so the MSM gives them what they want.  When the U.S. government gets its ducks in a row, then there will be action and even the American MSM will swoop down like vultures in a feeding frenzy.  I've read the rumor that 'Coast to Coast AM' is looking to replace George Noory...who knows, maybe they'll hire Alex Jones to take his place and really rev it up for the world... Undecided

Thankfully, this guy has lost his job, but how many public officials actually have the same attitude this guy has?  And THIS is just on the State level...
Indiana Official: "Use Live Ammunition" Against Wisconsin Protesters


These bullets can also maim & kill...
Army Wants Rapid-Fire Rubber Bullets For Crowd Control



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Better video .... *LINK*
They're workin' on it... *PIC*
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