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I listened, but to me it was just more of the same...

The Vatic Project...why didn't "Vatic" just name it The Vatic(an) Project?   I think it would have been more honest.

The JFK assassination -- on the word of ONE man -- the Jews did it!  There's even a website dedicated to the "evidence" that JACKIE shot JFK point blank and WHY??  Because she was half-JEWISH on her mother's side.  There's NOTHING the Jew-Haters won't SAY or BELIEVE if they can use it to point a finger at the Jews or Israel.

As for 9/ll, the most interesting thing "Vatic" pointed out was that any Israelis are Immune from any criminal prosecution in regards to 9/11, but since they didn't want anyone to think it was an inside job and a lot of U.S. government workers are Jews with dual citizenship, then I think that would make sense for them to cover that area.  So why didn't "Vatic" mention the fact that all International Security Services such as Blackwater/Xe, Triple Canopy, etc. -- experts in Demolitions -- ALSO were given Immunity from prosecution in the Patriot Act?  Not to mention the fact that INTERPOL now has Immunity from prosecution in the U.S.  It's not always what they say, but what they DON'T SAY that tells the tale.

As long as the "truth tellers" only point their fingers at the U.S & Israel, then as far as I'm concerned personally, they're only telling HALF the story & HALF the TRUTH.

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2 million Egyptians in Tahrir Square chant "To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions." *VID*
Sorry Moonshadow video speaks nothing to me. If you don't speak their language that is ..... now what are the chants? or do you just jump over others' comments -maybe Nothing to do with nothing?
All orchestrated like a Hollywood movie -- producer & director hidden from view. They're rid of Mubarak, so what do they want? Or is it a Celebration? Whatever the words, I think there's more to come. *NM*
Moonshadow I highly recommend you listen to this interview ~ and keep in mind "pitting one against the other" .... Interview with Vatic Project with Zany Mystic *NM* *LINK*
EX-CELLENT! OUT-STANDING! IM-PRESSIVE! - How would paid Hardcore Mega-Phoney JIDF-DisInfo-Agents react on this REAL LIFE TALK, if at all? Scream "Vatican! Jesuits! 4th Reich! Nazis! Jewhaters!" ??? :D
I listened, but to me it was just more of the same...
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