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It all makes me wonder -- just how 'separate' have the U.S. & CANADA really been all these years?

We have two different forms of Government, yet it seems it's just all for public consumption to make us feel we have independent & sovereign nations.  Personally, I think the U.S. & CANADA are totally controlled by the very same people who don't even live on THIS continent.  Has the U.S. or CANADA ever really been FREE?  I don't think so.  In the minds of TPTB, I think they've always seen the U.S., CANADA & MEXICO as the "North American Union" and have SECRETLY run things in that way so that We The People would not SEE or KNOW what they were doing.  As bad as it may be for U.S. troops to be allowed into CANADA & vise versa, I think there's more going on here than just the prospect of citizens rising up against their governments in protests.  We know Americans are no longer SAFE & PROTECTED because our own government has risen up powerfully AGAINST us.  Do Canadians feel SAFE & PROTECTED by anyone?  I've read that Harper is the Queen's handpicked man and he does exactly what she wants because CANADA is what -- her domain?  I think TPTB have BIG plans for CANADA.  The U.S. & MEXICO are going DOWN, but I think in an even greater way than THEY expect, so that would leave CANADA at the mercy of...WHO?  CANADA is heavily infiltrated by foreigners and several nations (not just the U.S.) have their eyes on the VAST Canadian territory & resources.  CANADA still doesn't have the population needed to support the kind of military it would take to defend itself -- it's HUGE.

If that former EX-Senior CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, wanted to make a point & demonstrate the lying hypocrisy of Hillary & our State Department, he did a good job, but we've all heard that there is no such thing as an EX-CIA agent -- once CIA, always CIA -- and surely he must know that.  At his age he's not that strong, but if he chooses to risk his life at this late date for a lost cause, that's his right and I wish him well.

As for Madam Foggy Bottom, I'd say she's the perfect representative & spokesperson for the U.S. Government, which itself has become a big whore that secretly hates her pimp, but for the money, will jump into bed with any nation or power at any time.  Too bad her johns despise her and now her money's no good, so she's reduced to telling any lie to save her own traitorous neck.

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Former CIA analyst beaten up in public meeting presided over by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Uh, remember the First Amendement? ~ Practise what you preach! *LINK*
It all makes me wonder -- just how 'separate' have the U.S. & CANADA really been all these years?
Re comment: "EX-Senior CIA", "once CIA, always CIA". Fact still remains that this man was attacked, beaten and arrested for no damn good reason! Splitting hairs I don't think appropriate here? No? *NM*
They hate whistleblowers & people who stand up to them, so he knew he was taking his chances. *NM*
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