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  Dr. Fred Bell of Pyradyne (www.pyradyne.com) says that Morgellons is caused by the breakdown of implants-I can't remember if he means from the U.S. military (possibly using back-engineered alien tech) or alien implants, or a mixture of both.  He spoke for a short time about it on his 2-22-11 interview on Coast to Coast AM in the last hour in about the last third of the hour.  The free archive from an over-the-air AM broadcast radio station is at the link (the archive is only for the past week, so download it soon or listen to it in their player).  Dr. Bell also has a couple of shows on BBS Radio each week, Thursdays (tonight) for current news and call-ins and Sundays (pre-recorded) for background to get one up to speed since there is so much to cover.  Here's someone basically who is using the type of stealth technology that is used against us by the secret "rule-the-world" types, but he's developing them for good and protection against the bad guys' tech.

  For the over-the-air Coast to Coast archive, click on the day (Tues for the first half of the show in the case of Dr. Bell's recent interview into Wed early AM, his segment starts in the 11PM block), then listen to the 10PM-2AM blocks of 1 hour each.  He also mentions that his company has products to eliminate Morgellons (although he can't legally say "cure", since the FDA makes sure that only pharma-cartel insiders can play in that arena).

  I've purchased several of Pyradyne's items, and can endorse the ones I've used; nuclear receptor and projector necklaces, stand-alone projectors, sleeping pyramid, and more.  They also have no-interest financing to pay over time for the more expensive items, which I took advantage of, I was able to set the payments and amount of time to pay them off, very helpful and pretty rare in my experience.  The Pyradyne staff I've dealt with are very helpful, especially Mikelle.

  Fred's co-host on his Thursday night show, Steve Barrish, was the first person who proved to me that alternative science/health was real when he did a chakra balance on me over the phone long distance from half the country away, and I could FEEL it, definitely not imagination.

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Wouldn't audio resonance or something wipe these from the body? I wonder what frequencies Morgellons encompasses. Rife technology might work best on this. *NM*
VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Re: VERY INTERESTING! Thanks for the Information...
Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims. *NM*
Re: Interesting about the frequencies, but frustrating how advanced the technology! At least it appears there's Hope for the victims.
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